Beware Of These Little Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship

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Relationships –  whether they be work, romantic, or platonic – are a work of dedication, commitment, trust, and respect for and toward one another. When that love, respect, and dedication for each other starts to fade, a relationship can be in jeopardy.

At the beginning of a relationship, people open up and share experiences but after a point, people may start to pull back and shut the other out to protect themselves from getting hurt.

To protect yourself and your relationship from failing, beware of these little things that you might be doing – intentionally or unintentionally. Once you’ve intercepted your behavior, you can engage in healthier ways and protect your relationship from failing.

Things That Can Destroy A Relationship

1. Neglecting To Take Care Of Yourself

Neglecting To Take Care Of Yourself

In any relationship, growth and development are imperative – of not only yourself but also that of your relationship. If your relationship is lacking the opportunity for self-development, then it is something that can destroy your relationship in the long run.

While spending time with each other is what often couples prefer to strengthen their relationship, it is important to take care of individual needs too. If your interests are different from that of your partner, then you need to follow that, not neglect them. If you’re ignoring your interests to please your partner, this behavior, in the future can make you feel frustrated and unambitious.

2. Taking Your Relationship For Granted

Some people take their relationships for granted which can ultimately lead to the destruction of a relationship. Once you start to take your relationship and your partner for granted, this behavior can make your partner feel not appreciated and your relationship – stale.

If you want to keep your relationship healthy and happy, you should not take it for granted instead show your appreciation to your partner, constantly and let them know that you appreciate and are grateful for the bond you have.

3. Keeping Negative Emotions

Keeping Negative Emotions

Any relationship can crumble if you keep negative emotions around. Every relationship encounters conflicts and disagreements along with jealousy and anger but keeping these emotions in your relationship and letting them rule your relationship can destroy the bond that you have with your partner.

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4. Over-Criticizing Your Partner

Over-Criticizing Your Partner

Criticism can be good if you want to grow and develop but it doesn’t mean that you need to be critical all the time. Being overly critical of your partner can drive the two of you apart. Every individual is different but in a relationship, compromise on some things must be done.

Embrace the quirks and faults of your partner as they are instead of criticizing them at every turn.

5. Failing To Respect Boundaries

Failing To Respect Boundaries

Sometimes, overstepping a boundary can be mistaken for being possessive and protective but this behavior is not acceptable and can affect your relationship. If you or your partner fails to respect the boundaries set in the relationship, it can ruin a perfectly healthy relationship.

Being disrespectful or demeaning and overstepping your partner’s personal space isn’t healthy and every person involved in the relationship must respect that.

6. Failing To Compromise

Failing To Compromise

All healthy relationships are based on the concept of compromise and cooperation. Failing to do so is a sure-fire way to destroy a happy relationship. Each person in the relationship must care for the other’s needs along with theirs.

Disregarding their feelings and needs isn’t appropriate and can ruin a relationship in the future.

7. Not Having An Open & Honest Communication

“Honesty is the best policy”, right? Failure to maintain effective communication can also doom a relationship to fail. Not having open communication can cause conflict and disagreements.

If you want your relationship to succeed, it is a must to have honest and open communication. Avoiding confrontations and fights doesn’t help and can ruin your relationship.

8. Not Creating An Ideal Work-Life Balance

Having a balanced work-life relationship is also important if you want to have a successful relationship. If you’re overworking instead of being with your partner when they need you, it can make them feel ignored, abandoned, and frustrated.

It is important to maintain an ideal work-life balance to avoid ruining your relationship.

9. Not Acknowledging When You’re In The Wrong

Not Acknowledging When You’re In The Wrong

Like I said before, a relationship is based on trust, dedication, and respect. If you fail to acknowledge your wrong-doings and refuse to apologize when you’re wrong, it can ruin your relationship.

Acknowledging when you’re wrong shows your partner that you are mature and don’t lack integrity. If you make a mistake and fail to say “sorry”, it can cost you your relationship.

 10. Being Manipulative

Being Manipulative

Using emotional manipulation such as crying to garner attention and making your partner do a certain thing your way can also ruin your relationship. In a relationship, all those involved should have equal status, and trying to be controlling and manipulative can negatively affect your relationship.

Final Thoughts…

By being aware of these little things and behaviors, you can prevent your relationship from failing. Being true to who you are and accepting your partner as they are is the way to go. Relationships need effort, dedication, and commitment – failing to do so can harm a relationship.

If you think that your relationship is in jeopardy and need counseling, don’t hesitate to contact a couples counselor. You can also connect with a licensed couples counselor or you can write to us at for more information.

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“It’s no good pretending that any relationship has a future if your record collections disagree violently or if your favorite films wouldn’t even speak to each other if they met at a party.” – Nick Hornby

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