Am I Being Paranoid Or Is It Just Anxiety

Last Update on March 9, 2022 : Published on September 28, 2020
Am I being Paranoid or is it just anxiety

Do you also have a feeling that someone is constantly following you… everywhere you go? Do you also wonder that people are reading your mind or thoughts? Paranoia is not only about having fear of someone following you, it also includes the fear of gossiping. And because of all this, you might be called as being paranoid.

Meanwhile, such statements might also seek your attention… if you are really being paranoid, or is it just anxiety or something else. So, let me tell you the answer to your questions is hidden in you only. All you need to do is to look for proper reasons and answers. This blog will help you to conclude if you are really being paranoid or is it just something else related to anxiety. So, let’s get started.

Am I Being Paranoid?


Nowadays, paranoid is used as a catchy phrase for everything and anything which does not go according to today’s generation. For example, people commonly use, “you’re just being paranoid” to wipe out the pessimistic concerns. I bet half of the people do not know exactly what they are saying or what they are referring to.

However, clinical paranoia is not related to these shenanigans. Clinical paranoia is a serious thing that needs attention as soon someone starts being paranoid. If you feel like someone is continuously spying or following you or might want to hurt you, this may be the sign of paranoia. Statistical evidence regarding being paranoid shows that people experiencing paranoia are always scared of something which is not even real. Therefore, seeking help from someone who supports you is the first step to do for the proper assessment of the paranoia. Or, you can also seek support from a professional and certified psychologist. For better convenience, you can also try online counseling system.

Is it real that someone is out to get me?

Okay! If you think you are being followed or stalked by someone, you need to be practical here and collect some real proofs showing that someone is actually stalking you. In case, you are able to collect proof of someone stalking you then please note that you are not being paranoid. You really need to get rid of the third person stalking on you. Or you can also report the pieces of evidence to someone who is stalking you.

In case, you are not able to collect any evidence related to stalking or spying, then “you might have paranoia.” But, before concluding anything on your own, Calm Sage strongly recommends you to book an appointment with a psychologist or mental health provider at the earliest.

Do I have paranoia or is it just anxiety?

paranoia or is it just anxiety

People sometimes consider paranoia and anxiety as the same thing. Psychologically, anxiety, and paranoia are so different. Excessive anxiety may also show some symptoms of being paranoid but this does not mean you are being paranoid. Also, the constant and excessive anxiety may lead to paranoia. However, please note that it is not important that your anxiety is always related to being paranoid; it can go in other ways as well. Therefore, proper counseling is really important in such instances.

Furthermore, delusions related to paranoia can lead to self-harm and other related issues. For such experiences and situations, Calm Sage strongly recommends booking an appointment with a psychologist. If you do not feel like stepping out of your place, you can also get counseled from an online therapy system.

How to not be paranoid?

self-help tips

Apart from treatment and counseling, you can begin with these self-help tips to get rid of paranoia or being paranoid.

  1. Collect some related proofs which show that you’re being followed or stalked.
  2. Talkwith someone who supports or understands you from the in and out.
  3. Ask a psychologist if your symptoms are related tosomething else.
  4. Get proper treatment and counseling.
  5. Take some obvious and practical steps to overcome the stalking issues.
  6. Try some early sleeping processes to get proper sleep at night.
  7. Encircle yourself with some positive people.
  8. To distract your thoughts, try to meditate or breathing exercises.

I hope this blog helps you to find your answers related to being paranoid. Comment down and let us know about your thoughts on being paranoid. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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    Paranoia is persistent anxiety about a specific fear.

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    People become paranoid when their ability to reason and assign meaning to things breaks down

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