Organized Home Organized Mind: Tips For Stress Relief

Last Update on November 27, 2020 : Published on November 28, 2020
Organized Home Organized Mind

“Home is where the heart is”; this phrase resonates a sense of belongingness within our minds and heart. Home is where we come at the end of the day and where we want to be without the stress of our daily lives. But can a disorganized and messy home be your safe space, away from stress?

To have a calm mind and a calm soul, you need to make your “safe space” exactly that – a comfortable and safe space. A peaceful and organized home equals a peaceful and organized mind. For many people, cleaning is a relaxing activity as it allows your mind to focus on the thing you are doing.

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Getting organized can help you release stress and improve your everyday life. An organized home can also feel empowering and exciting instead of a stressful chore. A clean and arranged space can help you minimize your stress response. But how to organize your space to maintain a stress-free environment?

Do you need to arrange your bookshelf in a color-coded way? Or fold your clothes in a certain way? Does your kitchen shelf be organized alphabetically? Or do you need a home planner?

need a home planner

When it comes to having an organized home, you need to keep in mind these things:

1. Declutter your space

A cluttered and messy home can drain your energy and take up much of your daily schedule and time. An organized home doesn’t mean that you need to arrange things in your home alphabetically or color-code your files; although that’s your personal choice. It is important to keep and maintain a proper space for everything around you.

Keep what you need and discard or donate that has run its course with you and is not in need anymore.

2. Manage your time

Time management is as important as anything else. Getting organized can help you with managing your time. Make a to-do list and a daily schedule to remember the important things. Plan your time according to what is your priority. Creating a list of things you need to do instead of keeping a mental list can be very helpful in getting you and your time organized.

Home organization is not only about decluttering your home, it is also about taking care of your needs as well. Take some time to yourself and relax.

3. Be proactive

Taking charge of your situation is a big part of organizing your home and mind. You must notice, evaluate, and eliminate your stressors efficiently. Notice what triggers your stress, evaluate the pattern of your stress occurrence, and eliminate those objects/stressors. If you’re constantly stressed in your home, ask yourself; why and what is keeping you stressed and anxious?

Take charge of your mental peace in your hands.

Tips To Create A Stress-Less Environment

1. Meditation Room

Meditation is an effective stress management technique that doesn’t require much work. It has both mental and physical benefits and meditating can help you improve your focus and center your core. Having a meditation corner or room in your home can make practicing it easier. It is not easy or effective if you meditate in a cluttered environment but a decluttered and peaceful space can help your mind achieve some peace and calm as well.

2. At-Home Exercises

Exercise is yet another effective stress management technique. Not all people prefer going to a gym to exercise and sweat your stress out. In those cases, doing some at-home exercises can be beneficial. Due to the pandemic, running or exercising outdoors isn’t recommended but there are other exercises, such as cardio, dancing, stretching, yoga, and others that you can practice from the safety of your home. Cleaning in itself is an exercise, right?

Your home is your space where you can exercise like you want without the fear of others watching you. Having a clean space to exercise at home can make a lot of difference from exercising in a cluttered space.

3. Maintaining A “Safe Space”

Safe Space

There is always a place or corner in our homes that we prefer to use more than any other space. I know I have! To have a “safe spot” can make a lot of difference when it comes to stress relief. For instance, I like to write in my journal sitting in a chaise with my bookshelf right next to it. This safe spot helps me center and visualize my thoughts and feelings enough to write them down.

Having a nice, comfortable, and clean spot can matter a lot and give you time and mental peace to reflect on yourself. Can you imagine self-reflecting on your actions and thoughts surrounded by clutter?

4. A Room With A View

A Room With A View

Surrounding yourself with nature is a very effective way to fight stress. Many people, including myself, find nature to be soothing. While you cannot step outside to be in nature all the time, it is suggested that you keep some houseplants in your home to help you give a soothing effect.

You can also hang some plants on your balcony or outside your windows to give you a zen environment.

Final Words

In general, having a decluttered and organized environment at home is a great way to fight stress and its effects on your mind and body. We can’t expect our homes to be perfectly clean all the time either but managing and arranging your things in an organized manner can help battle stress.

There is a reason why we feel calm in a clean and organized environment. Having a tidy space can help soothe the storm in our minds instantly. It is important to maintain a clean and organized home environment to effectively remove stress.

“The more you have, the more you are occupied, the less you give. But the less you have, the freer you are.” – Mother Teresa

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Swarnakshi Sharma
Swarnakshi Sharma

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    Pixie Dust

    I couldn't agree more an organised room space do fill your area with positivity! Thank you for sharing these effective tips. Will definitely work on them.

  2. Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Decluttered space gives you a feeling of livelihood. Your sanity is in your hands and you can easily decore your space with a nice aroma and dazzling view that brings positivity!

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