How is Stress Actually Good? According to Psychology

Last Update on August 13, 2020 : Published on February 24, 2020

Recently, from a webinar on “Conquering Exam Pressure”, I got to know from our experts that “Stress is actually good”. I was really amazed and learned a lot from the webinar. While, I was exploring that “How stress is good for your health” I observed that people rarely say, “I’m really feeling stressed, and isn’t it good?”. I personally felt like if we didn’t have stress in our lives, we’d have felt unhappy.

Do you know that defining stress as homeostasis is a step towards a healthy life? The stress you consider as bad can be turned into good.

Good stress is referred to as “eustress” is a type of feeling of excitement. When our hormones surge and pulse quicken, this type of stress is experienced when we go on a first date. Our motive for this blog is to convert stress into a positive force to empower people to succeed in life. So, let us begin…

How is stress actually good

Bad Stress vs. Good Stress:

When we experience quick surprises which needs a quick response that moment Acute stress triggers in the body. These triggers are not happy and exciting. This is how we define “bad stress” or “stress”. Acute stress doesn’t take a heavy toll if we look for ways to deal with it.

Key Fact: We our body undergoes stress, we must uphold our body in the homeostasis phase to bring back the happiness and healthy mind.

Moving ahead, chronic stress is another type of stress that occurs when we continuously experience stressors. The type of stress which feels like a heavy toll and inescapable. An unhappy home and a hectic job bring unenduring stress. The key fact is our bodies are not designed for such stresses. Consequently, we experience negative health effects (both emotional and physical).

“Eustress” or good stress is something that makes us feel excited and alive about life. Such stress helps you in meeting daily challenges and motivates you to achieve the goals. It actually boosts memory.

Hence, stress is an inescapable part of life, but we can improve the way we respond to avoid the stress.

Bad Stress vs. Good Stress

How Can We Convert Bad Stress to Good Stress?

In order to convert the pressure, we must set goals and choose activities which make us feel happy and excited. Make sure to add all the activities which you really want to do and activities which absolutely makes you feel alive and excited.

Just remember that good stress can become bad if you experience too much of it so make sure that you explore all your sources of good stress. Furthermore, be in sync with your inner self and acknowledge when you experience too much stress. Sometimes, we might not be capable of eliminating all the stress. But there are ways that we can avoid or minimize. In this way, it will be easy to handle stress.

If you can handle the most triggering forms of tension, you will achieve more resilience towards stress which are actually avoidable. The shifting of perceptions of stress can alter your bad experiences of stress. The stress actually triggers from where you perceive threats. The moment when you stop “perceiving”, you’ll find that there are not specifically “threats”.

How can we convert bad stress to good stress

Start perceiving the stresses as a challenge, the fear of failure will turn into anticipation and excitement. You can alter your perceptions through:

1. Focusing on the challenges in order to achieve.

2. Evaluating the strengths.

3. Exploring the possible benefits.

4. Looking from a positive view (Optimistic thinker)

Personally, we too have started following these points and after some time we found that they become totally involuntary. Whenever tough situations occur, we have prepared our brains to look in an optimistic manner. If you will practice the same, we bet you will experience less bad stress and more good stress.

Start perceiving the stresses as a challenge

By the end of this blog, we suggest you all try to kick out bad stress ASAP! Try to change the perceptions and add more positive activities for the promotion of good stress.

I hope you like this blog. Please let us know your experiences with Calm Sage. Let’s radiate the positivity together.

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