How To Be Happy: A Guide From “I am Not Happy” to “I Am the Happiest”

Last Update on August 11, 2020 : Published on August 11, 2020

They say,

 “Happiness is a journey, not a destination”

For many of us choosing the right path to go smooth on this journey is no less than a dream. But now you can learn how to be happy and make this journey as flat as a pancake. Here is a guide for you to take a 180-degree turn from the point of “I am not happy” to “I am the happiest.”

How to be Happy All the Time:

1. Nurture Good Relationships

A 75-year old study on happiness by Harvard University found that having good relationships makes us happier and healthier altogether. If you spend a quarter of our day socializing and maintaining relationships the chances of you feeling will increase by 12%!

To achieve this benefit:

1. Maintain Relationship:

We are social beings by birth and have one or the other relationships with people around us. Strive to maintain the same as it helps in building happiness.

2. Talk to Strangers:

Connecting with people has been found to bring relief to the level of stress and boost happiness. With the advance development in social media, finding strangers is not a difficult task! Other than that start a small conversation with random people around you and see happiness following.

3. Hit-up a Friend:

If there is a friend whom you haven’t spoken to in years just pick up your phone and call them. With you revisiting your old days, happiness is likely to flow in.

nurture Good Relationships

2. Have Paw-Friends

Want your brain to release the mood-boosting hormones– endorphins and oxytocin? Just snuggle your paw-friends!!! Studies say that having pets and spending time with them is equally beneficial for your happiness as much as having a human friend. Pets are likely to make you feel more calm, relaxed and positive thus, leading to happiness.

have Paw-Friends

3. Eat Wisely

Each food has some of the other nutrient values intact in it. Depending on the requirement of our body and mood each food item has its own contribution. Therefore, it becomes important to choose wisely what you eat. As some foods can help you get over the clouds of sadness and pave way for happiness on one end while others might end up doing the entire opposite.

Find a detailed article on what to eat and what not eat in order to boost your mood here.

eat Wisely

4. Sleep Properly

An eight-hour sleep is of omnipotence for an individual in order to maintain a state of equilibrium both physically and mentally.  Not only lack of this equilibrium will make you feel lazy and low but will also attract negative thoughts. Therefore, having sound sleep is important to explore the world of happiness.

sleep Properly

5. Look for Positivity

According to San-Diego researchers having happy and positive people around you help in boosting your own happiness. Therefore, choose your circle wisely as vibes are contagious. Along with this, you can practice positivity in daily life by welcoming small actions like- saying thank you, holding the elevator door for people, offering directions to strangers, to name a few.

look for Positivity

6. Do What You Love

The old saying… “Do what you love and love what you do” holds true in order to achieve happiness. Research supports the notion that when you are indulged in an activity for the sheer joy of it, happiness tends to flow in. It can be something very basic like- sipping on your coffee to something intense like- going for an adventurous trip. Just remember to be joyful while doing it.

do What You Love

7. Exercise

20% people who are healthier than others experience more happiness over others. Scientifically, when a person exercises the brain releases endorphins and protein, which in turn brings happiness. In fact, studies have found that exercise deflates the negative mood states and reduces the chances of any relapse by 31%, which is nearly 4 times better than any form of medication alone.


8. Meditate

While some of you might prefer hitting at the gym, others might want to achieve happiness in a comparatively more peaceful manner. Well, the solution lies in practicing meditation. In current times mindfulness meditation is gaining much recognition among health practitioners.


9. Focus on Self

“Happiness is not out there it is in you” So, focusing on self is of paramount. There are various ways to focus on yourself. The most effective way to do this is, giving time to self, be it spending a good time in a bubble bath or going out for a walk. This helps you to introspect yourself, build self-confidence and make you love yourself. Thus, allowing you to find happiness from within.

focus on Self

Now that you know the right ways that are surely going to pave ways for your happiness let us start working on the same. And choose to be happy every day!

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