Meditate While Bathing | Learn to Meditate in Shower or Bathtub

Last Update on May 4, 2022 : Published on August 5, 2020
Learn to Meditate in Shower or Bathtub

Bathing is a basic act of cleanliness and self-care. That’s what we primarily think of bathing. But, there are more benefits to bathing than cleansing. What if I tell you that your bath time can be used for meditation?

Yes, you can actually meditate while taking a bath or shower. You don’t have to create a meditation space or chant any mantra (until you want to). Even better, you don’t have to add another slot to your to-do list. All you have to do is add the basic element of meditation to your regular task of bathing.

Let’s get ready to soak yourself in calm now…

How to Meditate While Bathing In Bathtub?

So, if the option of a bathtub is available this section is available for you. Use the following steps:

1. Keep Distractions Away.

One rule that is common between classic meditation and bathtub meditation is keeping distractions away. Put your phone notifications off, shut your laptop down, and keep those work files away. Just be focused on your meditation.

2. Set The Right Temperature.

The temperature has a big role to play in bath meditation. There is a long debate on whether to use hot water or cold water to take baths. Well, honestly they both have their unique benefits. But if you talk about bathing and meditating, the optimal temperature has to be maintained. That is neither too hot nor too cold (lukewarm). Fill your bathtub up halfway through with lukewarm water.

3. Just Soak Yourself In.

It is time to dip into the bathtub now! Don’t rush this process. Dip each part of your body slowly and gradually, feel the temperature and texture of the water touching you. Slowly submerge yourself into the water completely. Just keep your neck and face up.

4. Focus On Bodily Sensations.

Clear your head, just be in the moment, and meditate. Focus on how the ripples, the fragrance, hear different sounds, and feel the water on each part of your body. At this time just think of yourself and the beautiful watery surrounding that you are in. Make your senses feel delighted and charmed with the water.

5. Add Other Calming Bath Products.

If you want to enjoy more benefits of bath meditation then you can add other bath products as well. This includes bath salts like Epsom, crystals like carnelian, or essential oils like lavender. You can add them to the bathtub and enjoy their benefits too.

Calming Bath Products.

How to Meditate While Showering

We can’t restrict the benefits of bath meditation to the bathtub! So, we can use the shower instead or even a bucket and mug to enjoy these benefits. Here are the steps for you to follow:

1. Make Time.

First of all, take 10-15 minutes out for yourself. Make sure this time belongs to you and you alone! No meetings, no calls, no social media. Just take some time out to enjoy the bath meditation and its positive benefits.

2. Check The Temperature.

Fill your bucket with lukewarm water or adjust the shower perfectly to enjoy lukewarm water. Setting the right temperature is important as we don’t want to shock our bodies with extreme temperatures. The right temperature of water falling on the body promises the right impact of water on our body, mind, and soul.

3. Let water drip on you.

Unlike a bathtub, while having a shower or using a bucket to bathe, you won’t be dipping yourself into water. Instead, you will let the water drip through your body. Star with your feet and slowly move upward to your head. Just feel the water drip through your body and don’t rush it.

4. Bring your senses to play.

To welcome the meditation aspect of bathing bring your senses into active mode. When the water touches your feet, feel that sensation, feel the change in your body temperature, and enjoy the fragrance and motion of the water flowing through your body. This way, give each part of your body equal attention as water flows through it. You can keep the shower on or continue pouring water on you for as long as you want,

5. Be in the moment and use bath products.

If you are taking a bath from a bucket then you can put essential oils, scents, or bath salts into it and let their benefits boost your mental wellness too. However, if you are using a shower, you may light up candles, or use aroma diffusers, and crystals around the bath area to make your bath meditation time even better.

Additional Tip: You may also make your own mantra and recite it while practicing bath meditation.

Be in the moment and use bath products

Benefits of Bath Meditation or Shower Meditation:

Here are some of the key benefits that bath meditation has to offer:

  • It offers all the primary benefits of meditation, which include managing stress, anxiety, and depression, increased self-awareness, and reducing negative emotions. And more!
  • It relaxes our muscles.
  • It reduces our muscle tension.
  • It calms our nerves down.
  • It is cost and time effective too.
  • It is a great stress-reliever.
  • It is an opportunity to reflect on your day.
  • It will benefit your mind, body, and soul.

So, when are you trying it?

I hope next time when you are going to take a bath meditation, you will not just cleanse your body while bathing but also meditate.

Happy bath time to you! Enjoy and meditate well.

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