How To Trick Your Brain To Do Hard Things

Last Update on December 2, 2020 : Published on December 3, 2020
Trick your brain to do hard things

There are times when you don’t want to work because of its challenging nature and procrastination is the only option you choose. No motivation is left but a subconscious mind says that you have to keep going and finish the tasks. Well, understand that your brain is not listening to you at this moment and you need to find how to trick it for utmost productivity.

Before we explore the techniques to trick your brain, we must also learn the role of dopamine neurotransmitters. This molecule motivates you to perform and complete a task effectively. Moreover, it also allures the brain for awards which plays as a motivating factor to wrap work.

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In order to trick your mind, you need to put yourself into the ways so that the brain becomes attentive, think of other choices and actually form a desire to undertake the task. When the brain can pierce through long term benefits, it certainly enhances its speed and takes part in the process equally.

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Trick Your Brain To Do Hard Things

1. Breaking Big Goals Into Mini Goals

During the work hours, we are loaded with meetings, task submissions, interviews and what not. It is obvious to get overwhelmed with so many things and the brain itself sits down demotivated. The simplest way to get away from burden is to divide it into different sections and timelines.

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For example, finishing meetings between 12pm to 2pm, submitting task 1 in between 2pm to 3pm and so on. Now as you complete one task, tell your brain that it will be rewarded with a coffee break, quick call to your mother to share the joy or watch a funny video.

Splitting of tasks would let you focus on one task at a time and gives you space to breathe in between.

2. Apply The Trick Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a special method to balance out the dopamine levels in your brain which is shaken up with unexpected instances in a day. Your brain listens to your instructions when you give it a chance to maintain calm and relax the stress levels.

Mindfulness could be achieved in a better manner without using screens or pre-planned entertainment systems. You could sip coffee alone on the balcony and enjoy your thoughts, sit sometime in meditation, read good old books, enjoy time with your furry friend or go for a quiet walk in the nearby park.

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3. Boost Your Mind With Success Stories & Idols

As you keep the dopamine levels balanced with the calmness inside you, it gets a push for your goals with motivation. After enjoying your free time, you can boost yourself with self-improvement books, motivational books, podcasts and inspirational movies. This way, your brain will be tricked to do the hard things which couldn’t be picked earlier.

4. Exercises As Brain Tricking Method

A healthy lifestyle is capable of enhancing dopamine levels in the body, as explained by neuroscientists. High intensity exercises like aerobic exercises, running, jogging, or boxing could help in regulating the brain activities by pumping optimum blood within. Apart from dopamine levels, exercises even help in maintaining other neurotransmitters like serotonin and endorphins.

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5. Music To Trick Your Brain To Do Hard Things

Music is a blessing to keep up with your concentration and productivity. Imagine being drowsy after lunch or your mood is upset because of an intense discussion with your boss. If you decide to trick your brain with happy songs or intense melodies, there is no way you lag behind.

Key Takeaways

    Apart from tricking your brain to do hard things with the above methods, you have to make sure of completing the sleep cycle. If you take proper rest, you stay alert and focused towards your work throughout the day. For this, avoid usage of the screen right before sleeping and right after waking up as it disturbs the circadian rhythm of your brain.


We are sure that you have figured out ways to trick your brain to do hard things. Once you follow these tips religiously, there are higher chances that you will solve other problems of life in a better mode. Hence, keep your dopamine levels balanced and spread positivity around the world. 

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