Things To Learn From A Sinking Ship- Titanic PS: Not a love story

Last Update on October 16, 2020 : Published on October 17, 2020
Things To Learn From A Sinking Ship Titanic PS Not a love story

Titanic is the only movie I guess that everyone has watched. For me, it is related to my childhood memories, I still remember the time when I watched Titanic for the first time. The movie merely looked like a fairytale movie to me (at the beginning only) and in the end part, it looked like a love story. Hahaha! We all cried there right!

So, during this lockdown, I thought let’s watch Titanic (Obviously! a love story). With all these growing years and experiences I have faced, this time Titanic does not hold the genre of a love story; meanwhile, I think the movie should be tagged under the “learning section.” Now, you all might be thinking about what nonsense I am talking about! Voila, let me clear your doubts and show you how the Titanic should belong to the learning section movie. In this blog, I have highlighted lessons to learn from Titanic. So, let’s get started.

Things to Learn from Titanic

1. Do not turn your great achievements into a disaster

great achievements into a disaster

How big the Titanic was… I don’t remember the facts but it was one of the greatest achievements of all time however, it still happened to be a turn off!

Do not do that with yourself, if you’re on a verge of achieving something or have achieved something, become a keeper. Try to maintain all your achievements and do not fall in the trap of over-confidence. Maintaining the achievements and achieving more on behalf of them is a big achievement itself.

2. Tragedy and disaster ruins your great achievements

We cannot deny the fact that life is full of ups and downs, however, Titanic has the charm to get eyes from all over the world and in the end, it sinked! All the charmness swapped away with the water.

Do not let this happen to you. You have the ability to achieve more in life, however, complexity and toxicity can really ruin your achievements. You need to filter out the negativity and toxicity time to time to achieve the unachieved in life.

3.     Life is full of Icebergs

Life is full of Icebergs

As I said above, life is full of ups and downs but mastering your skills and taking the right turn when needed can protect you from tough situations. Make yourself stronger than the iceberg or the situations and see how easily you can overcome all the circumstances. To learn how to master your skills, read:

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4. Know how and when to control

how and when to control

Controlling is not an easy part; however, patience and consistency can help you to become that personality. Not panicking in a tough situation is such a cliché reply. However, developing a personality to fight with all the circumstances and controlling your feelings, emotions, and anger can be really beneficial. Learn how to master these skills with our blog series:

5. Live life to the fullest

From the Titanic, I learned that life is so uncertain, you never know what next is coming your way! Uncertainty demands to live our life on our own terms. Living your life on your own terms is the easiest thing to do!

Do whatever your heart says; do not listen to people who are nosy and toxic (both at the same time)!

6. It’s okay to talk, send your messages on the right time

When life knocks you down, communicating your needs and seeking the support does not make you weak. Instead, it’s a right and strong step to take.

Do not let yourself suffer alone in a situation wherein you can have the support from your family members or loved ones. They may not be able to help you but they are always ready to support you. Therefore, know that “it’s okay to talk” and communicate your needs.

7. In doubt, fasten your seat belts

You might not be prepared right now to face all the ups and downs but keeping a little protection before a storm hits you can be really helpful. Vibes are really strong, so whenever you feel like something bad is going to happen, make a strategy, and protect yourself from such situations.

I hope this blog helps you to learn life lessons from titanic. Comment down your views on this blog from the comment section below. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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