Reasons Why Happiness Must Be Every Day’s Choice: Let’s Sink In Happiness!

Last Update on August 9, 2023 : Published on August 11, 2023
Why happiness is a choice

Recently I watched the movie “Orange is the New Black” and I heard something amazing mentioned in the movie related to happiness, “I believe this world is a damaged place, and if you can find a silver of happiness, stay in it as long as you can.”

This particular statement inspired me, it taught me that happiness can be a choice and it is definitely not a result of our recent purchases or achievement, it’s a state of mind, and we must all choose happiness above everything! Well, this can be the new mantra for this year!

It’s a fact that life is full of ups and downs and we may not be happy all the time, but at least we can bring in authentic happiness in the face of happiness to combat regular mental health issues such as sadness or pain!

The idea is to stay focused on happiness constantly no matter what the situation is. In this blog, let us explore why happiness is a choice and the ways to be happy every day. So, let’s get started!

10 Reasons Why Happiness Should Be A Choice

1. Positive emotions allow us to feel eternally happy

Every positive feeling or emotion that we experience is a choice and you can literally ask yourself “How are you choosing to feel today?” during those bloomy days, just simply ask yourself, “What if I choose to feel happy today?” such positive questioning can make you feel eternally happy.

2. Happiness promotes creativity and productivity

Once you decide to be happy no matter what, you’re likely to feel increased productivity and creativity within. Happiness is a positive emotion and it releases positive hormones within that help us focus on our goals in a better way. It allows us to appreciate what we have and how to make the best use of it.

3. Happiness allows you to choose positivity above everything else

Happiness can be a choice at every level of life, it can be your choice to feel happiness right now and not think about the future or past. Happiness is a feeling that increases our concentration level and it radiates positivity by all means.

4. Happiness sets our perspective to the best level

Indeed, happiness can change our perspective to the best level. Happiness shows you a sign and shifts your focus entirely like magic. Additionally, it also helps in reducing negative thoughts or feelings. Happiness makes growth and learning a habit!

5. Happiness makes us powerful

Suppose, if you’re powerful… will you choose to be stuck in the past or negative thoughts? No, right! Therefore, use happiness as a powerful tool to bring out the best version of yourself. Happiness empowers our thoughts and makes us feel motivated. Use this motivation to fulfill your goals.

6. Happiness is positive, free, and contagious

Choosing to be happy for no reason does not cost anything at all. Happiness is that positive emotion that allows us to feel positive and radiate it unintentionally. It’s a fact that when we’re happy, we see the world from a different angle, and it makes others happy too!

7. Happiness promotes mindfulness

The past is gone and the future is yet to come, therefore, we must always be present in the moment. When we choose happiness over everything else, we eventually start living in the present and it also improves our overall wellbeing. Therefore, choose to be happy right now at the moment and savor mindfulness.

8. Happiness makes us responsible

When we are happy despite all the challenges we might have experienced in the past, we start learning from our mistakes or lessons. This habit eventually makes us creative, productive, and responsible.

9. Happiness lets us choose wisely

It’s a fact that when we are in a happy state of mind, we tend to make better decisions. Happiness makes anger, jealousy, fear, or misery go away in seconds. When we are happy, we are aware of our emotions and understand the importance of a balance therefore, we change our perspective to the bright side and think wisely.

10. Lastly, happiness is a state of mind

When we start moving on the steps of positivity, we eventually remove negative emotions and change our perspective. We start choosing happiness, it really does not matter how hard or challenging the situation might be, we start being grateful for what we have, and in the face of tragedies, we choose happiness as a state of mind.

Why Happiness Should Be A Choice

8 Ways To Practice Happiness Every Day

1. Be grateful

No matter how challenging our life might be right now, we must all practice gratitude regularly. You can begin with anything that you love like the place you live, your job, your friends, or your family. Gratitude sounds effective when we start with common things that we frequently take for granted.

2. Look from the bright side

While practicing gratitude, also allow yourself to look from the bright side. Maybe you can use today’s challenges or learnings for jotting down your success. Or, you can just focus on controlling what’s controllable and letting go of the things which are not meant to be. And, always remember, “Every situation has a bright side. It just depends on your attitude and how you look at a situation. Be wise.” Changing your perspective not only brings happiness but also brings new learnings.

3. Engage in productivity and creativity

If you’re into comparison, you must stop right there because “Comparison can be the thief of happiness.” Therefore, focus on increasing your productivity and creativity so that you can aim high and achieve your goals.

4. Choose to smile and learn to say “No”

Sometimes, a little bit of a smile can turn the tables upside down. Therefore, smile more and worry less. Trying to smile even when you’re not feeling good can help you feel happier and healthier, a study says. Additionally, if something is bothering you, learn to say “no” and prioritize your mental health above everything.

5. Practice kindness and self-compassion

When you choose to be kind or follow the path of self-compassion, your happy hormones release serotonin which brings a sense of satisfaction. Additionally, the levels of endorphin also rise which leads to “helper’s high.” Moreover, kindness can be practiced for overcoming regular mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, and more.

6. Choose positive relationships

Research shows that when you choose to surround yourself with happy or positive people, it increases happiness more. In order to make happiness a regular practice, you can begin by making positive, supportive, and cheery friends. Moreover, you can also begin with small talk with a stranger so that you can understand interpersonal relationships better.

7. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is trending because it helps in increasing your happiness levels rapidly and permanently. You can begin with mindfulness meditation for 10-15 minutes per day. Additionally, meditation provides us strength to overcome regular mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and more. Research shows that mindfulness meditation can also be helpful for stopping rumination.

8. Find a meaningful purpose

Finding a purpose can be a challenging thing but you can begin by extending your capabilities by focusing on the things that attract you the most such as dancing, singing, or anything that brings happiness to you.

8 Ways To Practice Happiness Every Day

Before we end, let us remind again that…

Choosing happiness must be a constant effort and honestly, it should come more naturally. Therefore, train yourself to be happy, stay focused, and put 100% effort into staying positive. Let happiness fuel you up with success!

I hope this blog helps you understand why happiness is a choice and how to be happy every day. Comment down and share your views on “Choosing happiness above everything.”

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