Natural Remedies For Depression: How Effective Are They?

Last Update on May 4, 2021 : Published on August 24, 2020
natutral remedies for depression

Before planning to visit a psychiatrist for treatment of depression, many individuals wonder if there are natural remedies for depression that can be tried at home. Well, there are a number of depression remedies at home but they are certainly not considered as an exclusive alternative to the expert therapies for depression. These natural cures shall be combined with the treatment and in some cases, it is yet better to consult the therapist.

However, most of the ways to heal depression naturally include lifestyle changes, consumption of deficient minerals, changing dietary patterns and connecting with people around you. If you have planned to undertake all these methods seriously and have made up the mind to fight depression, these natural remedies are a great start to boost your confidence and heal yourself holistically.

Natural Remedies For Depression:

Dietary Supplements

Lifestyle Changes

Productive Connectivity With Others

Let’s figure out all the natural remedies individually to get over the depression.

1. Dietary Supplements

If you are consuming antidepressants or any other medications prescribed by your doctor, it is advisable to consult them before popping in as these supplements may interfere with your medicines and their effectiveness.

dietary Supplements

1.1. Zinc supplements:

Studies recommend that 25 mg Zinc everyday helps in stabilizing mood and calms the depressive state.

1.2. Magnesium supplements:

Magnesium deficiency has been noticed in many depressive patients and one person can take 300-400mg of it every day.

1.3. St. John Wort:

Although this supplement hasn’t been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this herbal remedy is known to treat mild depression. However, it is not advised to be taken if you are already prescribing antidepressants, antibiotics or birth control medications.

1.4. SAMe:

This chemical(S-Adenosyl methionine) is a supplement of substance formed naturally in the body and researches suggest that it may be helpful in treating depression at home. A dose of 200-1600 mg per day is recommended by the doctors. Once again, it is not approved by FDA and is not to be taken with other medicines.

1.5. Chamomile tea:

Made up of herbal chamomile flowers, this tea consists of flavonoids and helps in cutting out depression and anxiety. One can start sipping it starting with low dosage and experience benefits like sound sleep, low menstrual cramps and controlled blood sugar level.

Chamomile tea for depression

1.6. Omega-3 Fatty acids:

Omega-3 fatty acids are highly recommended to treat symptoms of depression and it is naturally available in walnuts, flaxseeds, cold-water fish, salmon, oyster, caviar, etc.

You will also be surprised to know about the food that makes depression worse and avoid them for a healthy well-being.

2. Lifestyle Changes

You cannot treat depression at home and naturally unless you make amendments in your personal lifestyle. Small efforts each day, the results come out beautifully after a few weeks or months.

2.1. Listen to yourself and accept:

The first thing that requires you to put your efforts into is finding why you are depressed, accepting the facts and looking for its solutions without blaming anyone. Sometimes, we keep blaming ourselves or others for the situation we are currently into which is definitely not productive.

It will only make things complicated, so better understand your situation either by sitting in peace, writing a journal or speaking to a dear one. Remember, you are fighting for solutions against depression, so make sure your goal doesn’t deviate into another negative form.

2.2. Keep yourself organized:

A day which is not much planned and is in a haphazard state can make your mood more depressed. So, instead of chasing nothing and overthinking, plan your day right after waking up. Moreover, place your diary and pen beside your bed so that you persist in energy right after getting up.

In fact, keeping a mood tracker with yourself can be beneficial to understand the ups and downs you are going through every day.

2.3. Feel accomplished after completing every task:

Even if you get out of bed and take a shower, feel free to pat your shoulder and smile in the mirror. As soon as you finish your tasks, the confidence regains and you will want to get up the next day as well. Don’t worry if you couldn’t wrap something today, schedule it for some other day without leaving it open-ended.

2.4. Exercise/Yoga/Meditation every day:

Tell yourself that it’s a matter of 30 minutes and you can come back and do whatever you want after exercising. Believe it or not, you can trick your brain for a quick walk in the woods, yoga exercises, breathing exercises or simple mediation in the backyard of a house. Can you do that? Well, this is a strong depression remedy at home!

2.5. Avoid any intoxicants:

Instead of getting yourself into worse stages of depression-like consuming drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants, find time to get into other enjoyable and pleasurable activities. Make sure that you take proper sleep and maintain the schedule every day.

3. Productive Connectivity With Others

Whenever depression hits, people isolate themselves and avoid talking to anyone. This may seem right to them for a moment but it is not healthy in the long run. A natural cure for depression includes your meeting with family members or close friends who can give your ears without any judgments.

You can even follow Instagram pages that inspire daily or seek likeminded people to discuss your problems on conversational platforms.

Vent out the negativities and inhale the positivity!

Even if you wish, volunteer in helping others, make new friends, and make new memories.

You can Also Check this Video Instead Treat Depression Naturally:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What herb is good for depression?

Lavender, Ginseng, Saffron and Chamomlie are some of the known herbs good to treat depression.

Q2. What kind of tea is good for depression?

Chamomile tea has great properties that calm your body and mind and overall keeps the depression level low.

Q3. What vitamin is a natural antidepressant?

Vitamin B12 and B6 are known as best natural antidepressants.

Q4. Do Food can also Cause Depression?

Food exactly may not be the cause of the depression but it changes the mood. For example, red meat and highly processed foods are known to increase risk of depression.

Q5. Does turmeric help anxiety and depression?

Turmeric is an overall healthy product that also has few properties to help overcome anxiety and depression.

Cheer Up!

Even though there are natural remedies for treating depression and they are certainly very effective, combining them with therapies would provide greater results. For any other query on therapy and depression treatment at home, follow us on Facebook, YouTube or drop us a message at

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