7 Most Powerful Mantras for Depression and Anxiety

Last Update on October 26, 2023 : Published on March 11, 2021
Mantras to wipe out the depression symptoms

Self-help strategy teaches us to control our emotions, learn to cope with negative thoughts, and embrace positivity. Since ancient times, therapists have used mantras to calm down the symptoms of depression.

Mantras are now followed by almost all religions, the fact that they are actually effective. For reciting a mantra, it is not important to be in a holy place and chant. To recite a soothing mantra, all you have to do is search for peace even in chaos.

Mantras for depression are effective and personally speaking I take the help of mantras to calm down my anxiety and stress level. Mantras help us to escape from rumination and procrastination. Reciting mantras continuously helps to relax the nervous system which calms the body and mind.

In this blog, I have highlighted effective mantras for depression that can be recited anytime and anywhere whenever you feel anxious, stressed, or depressed.

7 Best and Effective Mantras for Depression and Anxiety

1. I Will Get Better

I will get better

Whenever you feel hopeless or despair, recite “I will get better” till the time you start feeling better and ready to take the next step. “I will get better” is a 4-word sentence that brings hope into life; calm down the nerves, and makes you feel better. “I will get better” is one of the most effective mantras for depression.

2. This Shall Too Pass

“This shall too pass” is an antidote when fear and negative thoughts catch you. Everyone faces fear, sometimes the situation makes the fear permanent in our life. The aim is to remove the “permanent fear” from our life and get ready to take the next step. Therefore, recite this mantra until you start feeling better.

3. This Is Just a Moment, It Will Pass

This is just a moment

In various self-help books, this mantra is mentioned “this is just a moment, it will pass.” The authors and therapists created this mantra to deal with negative thoughts and emotions. This means that life is full of suffering, suffering is just a moment, and it will pass too. Recite this mantra whenever you face uncertainty, pain, and fear.

4. Just For Today, Tomorrow Will Be Better.

As mentioned above, suffering and pain are temporary and a part of life. The aim is to not make suffering a permanent buddy. Therefore, recite “just for today, tomorrow will be better”, which means suffering is temporary and what coming tomorrow will be better. Whenever the flow of negative thoughts increase, bring out the calm and positivity with this mantra for depression.

5. Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Recite “breathe in, breathe out” when you feel anxious or stressed until you feel better. While reciting this mantra for anxiety, try to follow the breathing process with the mantra, breathe in,and breathe out. Breathing process is one of my personal favorite mantras whenever I feel anxious.

6. Let It Go

Recite “let it go” when things go out of control. Remember, we cannot control everything in our life. We should let things go which are really not controllable.

Personally speaking, I tried to force my ex to stay, but eventually, I understood that “letting go” is the only option. We cannot force someone to stay with us (which is definitely an uncontrollable situation). Therefore, let it go, practice self-love, and live peacefully.

7. I Am Enough, I Will Fight

I am enough, I will fight

Recite this mantra when you feel like you are losing it all. Remind yourself that you are enough and you will be always fighting. Stick “never give up” everywhere and see how effectively it works. Whenever someone states, “you can’t do it”, remind yourself that you will definitely do it.

I hope this blog helps you to find your best and effective mantras for depression. Comment down and let us know which mantra is your favorite. For more such motivational content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading and stay positive!

Remember, this shall too pass!

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