Compassion: The Ultimate Tool to Improve Your Quality of Life

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. ~ Dalai Lama Compassion holds the power to benefit the giver and its receiver. Compassion marks...

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The Importance of Mental Fitness

I have observed that good shape (fitness) gets a lot of care and focus. That’s for a good reason. But, do you know that mental fitness is equally important?  Yes, a fit body prevents us from chron...

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Managing Stress at Workplace: Understand and Deal with it

There can be various reasons behind the stress that you are feeling at your workplace. Like: Conflict in office Cost cutting Unrealistic expectations from bosses Low pay Due bills ...

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Daily Exercises To Boost Energy During Your Busy Schedule

Let me guess, you go to school/college/Office study/work all day and feel tired at the end of it? Tried to do anything else? Am I right? I am. In a recent study conducted, it was found out that around...

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Demystifying Stress And Myths Related To COVID- 19

We have observed that with the outbreak of Coronavirus disease is really stressful for people and communities. Anxiety and fear of coronavirus disease is overwhelming and causes strong emotions in chi...

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7 Best Apps to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is something which you can’t avoid. Even if you are living off and far from society in a jungle off the coast to avoid your boss or your deadlines, you may just get stressed about your survi...

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Top 10 Mental Benefits of Exercise

Recently, I have started exercising and found various changes within myself. So, after observing so many mental health benefits of exercise, I made a promise to myself to incorporate exercise in my da...

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Podcast Ep. 8 – Common Mental Health Myths & Facts

Often people are afraid to talk about Mental Health issues because there are several Myths, Misunderstanding & Negative Stereotypes surrounded by it. These fallacies result in stigma, discriminati...

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The 5-4-3-2-1 Mindfulness Tool to Deal With Your Anxiety| Learn it NOW

We all can relate with the fact that we tend to face anxiety every now and then. Deadline is approaching anxiety, swipes in, have an important exam or interview? anxiety says a hi; have a family event...

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