What is Power Napping and Why is it Important?

Sleeping during the day time can be even considered as a taboo in some cultures and we, as adults, usually try to avoid it as much as possible. We strictly follow the guide of sleeping only at night a...

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Podcast Ep. 9 – How Physical Health Impacts Mental Well Being

A Healthy Body Leads To A Healthy Mind. I believe this is the right way to achieve overall fitness. People often fail to maintain a balance between physical fitness and mental wellbeing. We need to...

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15 Best Self Help Books for Depression and Anxiety 2021

We all know that books are the best escape from the world when we are stressed. Reading books is very beneficial for battling anxiety and depression. Some people refer to reading books as “Bibliothe...

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Coffee is Good for You : Myth Or Fact?

Have you ever heard of bliss in a cup? I am pretty sure that you must have even savored it. Yes folks, you are right. I am talking about that enchanting aroma, delightful flavor, delectable taste, yes...

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Dynamic Meditation: Including Meditation in Day to Day Life

Meditation: suggested by all, practiced by few and ignored by masses. So why is it such? Why do we not follow something which has its benefits known all over the world? Why do we still procrastinate a...

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How to Meditate with Chocolate

I know it sounds really exciting to know how to meditate with chocolate. How peaceful and delicious chocolate meditation looks! I was amazed when I came to know about practicing chocolate meditation....

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Benefits of Chocolate as a Stress Reducer

A shout out to all the chocolate lovers in the house! I have good news for you guys about dark chocolate. Recent researches show that dark chocolate contains stress-relieving substances that are bene...

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Importance and Relationship Between Sleep and Immunity

Sleep! The time we all wait for, after a long, hard, tiring and impossible day. We work and wait to get home so that we can sleep….no? You may say ‘Yes’ or a ‘big No’ but you just can’t de...

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What to Say to Someone Who is Depressed?

Being a conservative person, what to say to someone who is depressed is always a tough situation for me. I felt awkward at first, so I tried to be poetic and thoughtful. It was a wrong idea though! Af...

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