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Types Of Self-Care

Are You Practicing All Types Of Self-Care? Time To Focus On SELF

What are the first few things that come to your mind when you hear the…

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The Healing Power of Mantra

The Healing Power of Mantra: Unleash the fear and negativity

Sound is known to be a powerful process that helps in expanding and healing hearts and…

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Different Music Genre Impacts Your Mood Differently

How Different Music Genre Impacts Your Mood Differently? Pick The Right Music Now

I guess you all will agree to me when I say that “Music is a…

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Podcast Ep. 19- The Subtle Art Of Not Taking Things Personally

There are many things that can stop you from enjoying life to the fullest. One…

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Self-Help Strategies for ADHD

Self-Help Strategies for ADHD in Adults

If you are diagnosed with ADHD recently or in childhood, you must learn every inch…

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How to Stop Being Lazy All The Time : 5 Step Process

Are you also among the millions of people who procrastinate during most of their tasks…

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ADHD myths debunked

Debunking These Common Myths About ADHD Is An Absolute Urgency!

As per the National Alliance Of Mental Illness (NAMI), more than 9 percent of children…

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Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation: Your Complete Guide

Are you looking for a new meditation technique that is backed with science or that…

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How to deal with breakup

How to Deal With a Breakup? 7 Healthy Ways to Get Over It

Let us start by acknowledging the fact that breakups do hurt! But at the same…

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