Podcast Ep. 10 – Maintaining Work-Life Balance Amidst Quarantine

The current situation due to coronavirus is forcing us into a moment of realizing how we organize our work & family life. For too long, we have struggled to perform as if we are invisible but t...

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How to Support Loved Ones During Coronavirus

We all are worried about the pandemic situation of coronavirus and ensuring that our loved ones are safe during this phase. Meanwhile, you can’t be with your loved ones to support them during quaran...

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Importance Of Hobbies – What Role Do They Play In Our Lives?

Table of Content: 1. Importance of Hobbies 2. Why should I take up a Hobby? 3. How can I start a Hobby? 4. Conclusion What do you do in your free time? Spend time with your friends, family? Spend...

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Types of Eating Disorders: Signs and Symptoms to Look For

Generally, we tend to assume that there are two types of eating disorders- eating too much or eating too little! Well, let me break it for you. Eating disorders are more than just ‘eating less or m...

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Quick Tips On How You Can Become An Alpha Male

Wow! What a guy! Loved and respected by one and all, men and women alike. Haven't we heard ourselves, saying this (Maybe not vocally!) So, what are the qualities of an alpha male that make him class a...

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Moving From Shallow to Deep Breathing With Pranayama

Have you ever focused on your breathing? How often do we let the oxygen we inhale reach our abdomen? Not that frequent, right! Rather we let the inhaled oxygen just reach the chest and exhale it.Wit...

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How To Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

Maya Angelou rightly quoted “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” We all have bad days, we all experience mood swings because ...

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4 Types of Stress in Psychology : How to Control Stress?

Table of Content:  1. What is Stress 2. Types of Stress in Psychology 3. How Stress Affects our Physical and Mental Wellbeing 4. How to Control stress As we all know that April is National Stres...

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What is Eustress and 9 Real-Life Examples of Eustress

Whenever you hear the word “stress” what comes to your mind... I know by hearing stress lots of people would think of negative energy or perception of thought. But generally “Eustress” is the ...

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