5 Happiness Traps That You Should Not Fall For: Be Aware and Stay Happy

I was recently reading an article in Harvard Business Review and it made me shift my perspective on what happiness really means at the workplace. Driven by the real-life example of Sharon (a vice-pres...

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11 Best Fidget Toys To Wipe Off Anxiety

Fidget toys are known to be the best toys for having fun and maintaining the focus. However, the most important feature of fidgets is relieving stress and anxiety. Anything squishy or squeezy is helpf...

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Influence of Body Image on Mental Health: Love yourself a little more

Self-esteem adds the value and worth in our mind, it really does not matter how we look. Self-esteem does not come from the mirror or compliments. It actually comes with a healthy and positive mindset...

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7 Common Meditation Mistakes That You Need To Avoid Now

When you learn about meditation techniques and types of meditation, it is common to get confused and perform mistakes during the practice. However, if you rectify these common meditation mistakes now,...

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World Mental Health Day : Spreading Awareness to the Mental Health of Seniors

On October 10 every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Mental Health Awareness Day. This day urges people to stand up and speak against the social stigma of mental health illne...

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Podcast Ep. 26 – Is Productivity Anxiety A Thing

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” ~ William James While scrolling your social media feed, there are high chances you’ve to observe a su...

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Midlife Crisis: What Is It & How To Deal With It?

The term ‘Midlife Crisis’ could be heard amongst adults aged between 40 to 60 who are going through some hard times and are confused with the purpose of their life. You studied hard, got married, ...

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How To Live Life By Staying True To Yourself

We often try to mold ourselves in the image of what others think and in the process we forget how to stay true to yourselves. From an early age, we learn to be someone our parents want us to be, and i...

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Do Not Let Decision Fatigue Weigh You Down | 10 Doable Ways to Avoid It

Whether to go for a walk or for swimming? Whether to buy this particular time from the store or get it online? Whether to study overnight or in the morning? Whether to eat the entire ice-crea...

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