Learn The Connection Between Happiness and Health

We have always heard of the phrase “laughter brings joy and health.” Personally speaking, a few years back I used to think that the phrase is too vague! Recently, I actually understood the actual ...

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How to Make Life Better with 21 90 Rule?

21 /90 Rule in a Line: Building a Good Habit and making it a permanent lifestyle. What is the 21 90 Rule? As per the 21 90 Rule, it takes 21 days to make or change a habit and takes 90 days to pe...

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Benefits of Helping Others | It’s Truly Good For You

I bet we all have heard of the phrase... Be someone’s helping hand While many times we are happy to be that helping hand in someone’s life. On certain days we do have this question popping i...

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Are You A Self Actualized Person? Check Now With these Key Characteristics

I have a few questions to ask... Do you wish to lead a meaningful life? Do you wish to lead a fulfilling life? If yes then it's time to fulfill your wish by becoming a self-actualized person. In ps...

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8 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Detox Body & Mind

Are you feeling physically exhausted and mentally tired? Well, this happens with many of us because of constant work pressure, running thoughts, emotional challenges and health issues. Well, it’s ti...

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others?

One of the most difficult things to do is to stop comparing ourselves with others, especially when the times are competitive and everyone is trying to outrun each other. Jealousy and comparison are na...

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17 Best Stress Relieving Exercises For You To Try

What is the first thing that you do when you feel stressed? Clench your teeth or run to your favorite ice-cream parlor? Irrespective of what you opt from the above two options, they are all inst...

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7 Best Vitamins & Minerals To Improve Your Mental Wellness

What we eat has a big impact on our mental health. Because what we eat not only feeds our stomach but also our brain. Therefore it becomes important to consume the right nutrients Studies have time a...

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7 Best Meditation Retreats Around the World [Affordable]

Nowadays we live a fast-paced and stressful lifestyle. Whether it’s our work life or relationships, in general, we are anxious and stressed. This has a very harmful effect on our mental as well as o...

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