8 Important Signs That Show Someone Is Good For Your Mental Health

Last Update on July 29, 2022 : Published on July 29, 2022

Does it also happen with you when someone enters your life and you instantly get a vibe that something is off with them? Well, if it happens with you too, I am pretty sure that you try to ignore that vibe and try harder to match with their vibes!

But what happens later? We get tensed, stressed, or depressed about why we let them enter our life and regret why we chose them despite having a strong sign!

Some people bring sunshine to our life, while some just do the opposite. People, relationships, and life are so complicated that sometimes we choose the people that are not good for our mental health. When a positive person enters our life, there are healthy chances of seeking mental health benefits from them.

Such people are excellent at radiating positive vibes! People who are emotionally healthy bring the best in us and lighten our mental health.  I am not trying to say that we should depend on someone for fixing our mental mess; all I am trying to justify is that some people motivate us and bring the version of us.

If you are looking for signs that show someone is good for your mental health or not, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, I have enlisted 8 important signs that prove if someone is good for your mental health.

Important Signs that someone is good for your Mental Health

1.They empathetically listen to you and ask questions.


The first ever quality of an emotionally healthy person is that they are good listeners. They listen without judging and provide honest feedback to you. Not only this, but they also ask you questions in return which makes the conversation more productive and effective. Overall, when you feel heard, accepted, seen, and appreciated, you’re with the right person.

2.You feel comfortable and emotionally vulnerable with them.

The other most important sign of a positive person is that you feel comfortable and emotionally vulnerable whenever you are around them. When the conversation becomes productive and you start feeling positive, it brings out comfort, vulnerability, resilience, mental strength, and more. Inclusively, when you can openly talk about your inner demons in front of someone, it shows that they are empathetic and you can really form a strong connection with them.

3.They are accountable, honest, and trustworthy.


All we need is someone to have trust and faith in us. And when we find someone who is accountable, honest, and trustworthy, it brings out a sense of relaxation, peacefulness, and positivity. People who instantly form an attachment with us can really help us in fighting challenges. If someone is not ready to admit mistakes, it should be treated as a deal-breaker and we should not let them impact us mentally, emotionally, and physically!

4.They are excellent at managing their emotions.

People who are emotionally healthy not only bring out the best in others but also know how to manage their emotions. They are fully aware of their feelings, emotions, and everything that is going around them. They can feel sad, grumpy, bummed out, stuck, and angry too but they also know how to manage such difficult emotions in the right and positive way.

5.They know how to manage their overall health.


People who are good for others’ mental health are also good for themselves because they follow self-compassion and they are not at all frightened of abandonment, rejection, or anything else. They are excellent at practicing self-care and they are great at forming meaningful relationships with their inner selves.

6.They are full of positivity and sunshine.

I have already explained a lot about people who are emotionally healthy and are actually good for others’ mental health. And such people are full of positivity and sunshine. They might feel dull or sad at the moment but they know exactly what to do to divide their happiness.

7.They accept, give, and seek whenever required.


Not only do they keep on radiating positive vibes, but they exactly know when to give, seek, and accept. Whenever they feel stuck or emotionally weak, they do not hesitate to ask for mental support; similarly, they don’t hesitate to provide mental support.

8.They respect everyone’s boundaries and they provide a non-judgment zone.

The best part about such people is that they provide a non-judgment zone. They listen without judging and they provide honest feedback right away so that we can also improve and can reflect on the same. Additionally, they respect personal boundaries and they exactly know how you wish to be treated without disrespecting your personal feelings.

That’s it, folks! I hope this blog helps you with signs that show someone is good for your mental health. Comment down and share if you want us to share more signs. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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