Signs That It’s Time To Revisit Your Mental Health Treatment Plan

Last Update on August 25, 2021 : Published on February 15, 2021
Signs it time to revisit your treatment plan

Are you becoming friends with your mental health provider…are you both grooving in sync? Does it feel like you and your therapist are going through the same route? I can feel the comfort when you don’t want to change anything and let everything flow… however, do you know some times can stale the flow too! And it is like getting stuck in a rut.

Once you’re stuck, it takes a lot to get out of that habit. You really need to notice them alone. One such area wherein we can get into a pothole is the mental health treatment plan. After some time, we are used to the same techniques, strategies, medications, and dealing with old symptoms. It is basically the routine that makes everything normal but causes rut.

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It may take some time to recognize and more time to get back to striving again for improvement. If you have been doing the same thing for managing your mental health for a long time, you might need to consider a refreshment of your mental health treatment plan. This blog contains signs that you need to revisit your mental health treatment plan.

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Signs To Revisit Your Mental Health Treatment Plan

1. There are No More Joy In Sessions

There’s no more joy in sessions

It might sound weird to you, but the reality is the sessions with your therapist should be joyous and fun. If you are feeling like, same day, same session, same techniques, and no joy… you must reconsider changing your mental health treatment plan.

Be mindful throughout the sessions and check if your mood swings still last along with your energy level. If they are going down, you should consider revisiting your mental health plan.

2. Symptoms Are On The Same Line

I agree that nobody is perfect and the treatment plan does not follow a linear graph. However, it should be effective and improvements should be visible. If you’re not able to see any improvement or effectiveness of the therapy…it may be high time to take another look at your mental health treatment plan.

When I say this, it does not mean you should show 100% improvement. There should be an improvement in your symptoms and management of the disorder.

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3. Unable To Get Proper Sleep

Unable to get proper sleep

One sleepless night is not an issue. But, if this is continuous for like days or weeks… consider having a talk with your therapist to help you with sleeping. Unable to sleep can be the reason for something major or something serious.

Therefore, have a talk with your therapist; if the issues still remain the same…consider revisiting your mental health treatment plan. Not sleeping properly is the warning sign of something serious, do not ignore it, and take appropriate steps to resolve the issue.

4. Changes In Eating Pattern

Changes in the eating pattern are a similar warning sign like lack of sleep. If you are not able to eat properly or overeating… there could be something more related to your ongoing issues. It can be something serious or something complicated.

It can also be the side effects of therapy or medications. Or maybe the development of other mental health disorders such as eating disorders? Therefore, do not ignore the warning signs, try to talk with your therapist or provider, if this does not work, consider revisiting your mental health treatment plan.

5. Problems In Interpersonal Relationship

Are you having mood swings again? Is your marriage or relationship going fine? Are you having issues at work or college? Sometimes, during sessions, it feels like we are doing great but as a rut, it starts impacting our interpersonal relationships or friends.

However, remember that it’s okay to be not okay and it’s never too late for fixing things and rebuilding bridges. If it is not getting in sync with the current therapist, you can always change your therapist.

6. More Crying, Less Peace

Crying is another warning sign that impacts overall health and wellness. Are you crying more often or something is always hurting you. Crying is known as a cleansing tool however when excessively done, it may become impossible to manage the emotions.

You can always work with your therapist to manage your emotions. If it’s not working with the current therapist, consider revisiting your current mental health treatment plan.

7.  Something Feels off The Track

If you feel like the spark is missing from something or you feel like something is off the track, it’s high time to evaluate your complete improvements, progress, and current symptoms. If you still feel something off track, you might need to reconsider your mental health treatment plan.

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I hope this blog helps you to understand signs that you need to revisit your mental health treatment plan. Comment down and let us know what you don’t like about your therapy sessions. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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