Let’s Create Your Own Personalized Calm Down Kit In 5-Minutes

Last Update on June 8, 2022 : Published on June 9, 2022

After helping you in making your personalized daily routine in 5-minutes, I am back again with a new blog…

Today, I am going to help you with how to make your own personalized calm down kit in 5-minutes. Wondering why calm down kit?

Well, we are all aware of the fact that we are all stressed and anxious due to overworking, over-managing, and over-performing. In this modern era of technology, we definitely need something that reminds us of calmness, peacefulness, and positivity. Whenever you enter the fight or flight response, you can use your own customized calm down kit to calm down and reinstate the mood instantly.

This calm down kit will not only help in calming down but will also help in preventing future meltdowns or negative thoughts and will help in promoting your decision-making skills. The best part about this calm down kit is that you can carry it anywhere and you can take the help of this kit whenever you feel distressed, anxious, or negative.

Let us begin with making your own customized calm down kit… all you have to do is to bookmark or save the link of this blog so that you can take help anytime you want.

Before we begin, let us see what are the benefits of keeping a calm down kit?

Benefits of Calm Down Kit


Do’s and Don’ts of a Calm Down Kit


  • Make it light-weighted and easy to carry
  • Put age-appropriate items
  • Put necessary items
  • Put independently usable items


What to put in a Calm Down Kit (70+ Ideas)?

Below is the list of things that you can put in your own calm down kit. You can pick whatever you like from the list. It’s a big list of 70+ ideas that are specially designed to help you in every way. You can take your notebook and mention things that you would like to add to your own calm down kit.

Make sure you’re not taking too much in your kit; the idea is to create your light-weighted and easy-to-carry calm down kit so that you can use it anytime and anywhere instantly.

  1. Add fidget toys
  2. Add stress-relievingballs
  3. Add light-weighted stuffed animals
  4. Add a body sock for instant stress relief
  5. Add a slimebox of your favorite color
  6. Add play-doh consisting of your favorite colors
  7. Add theraputty for therapeutic relief
  8. Add bubble wrap for removing anxious thoughts
  9. Add small massagers to relieve stress and tension throughout your body
  10. Add a cozy small blanket
  11. Add aromatic candles
  12. Add an aromatic diffuser with essential oils
  13. Add a heated blanket for reliving chronic pins
  14. Add an eye mask for quick napping
  15. Must include- Therapy brush for sensory regulation and deep massaging
  16. Add a pressure vest
  17. Add aromatic wipes to wipe off the stress
  18. Add pipe cleaners for a soft touch and fidgety hands
  19. Add soft fabric scarves or scraps for a soft touch
  20. Add mini-puzzlesor games
  21. Add puzzles like Sudoku
  22. Add mini cards to remind yourself that you’re worth it
  23. Add question cards to remind yourself gratefulness
  24. Add word searches to remind yourself of the best times you’ve lived
  25. Add mini or miniature books to relievestress productively
  26. Add spy games
  27. Add affirmation cards to gain some motivation
  28. Add etch a sketch
  29. Add notepads and colorfulpens to write your thoughts
  30. Add mood-o-meter
  31. Add crosswords
  32. Add mazes
  33. Add Rubik’s cube
  34. Add brain cards
  35. Add chalkboard and colorfulchalks
  36. Add cat’s cradle
  37. Add speaking tom
  38. Add headphones or iPods
  39. Add earplugs to avoid extra noise
  40. Add audiobooks
  41. Add your favorite podcast library
  42. Add nature sounds
  43. Add a whistle to blow off your stress and anxiety
  44. Add harmonica
  45. Add a small drawing book to let flow your creativity
  46. Add spinning top
  47. Add legos
  48. Add tissue paper for tearing down your stress
  49. Add a balance cushion
  50. Add sensory tunnel
  51. Add a cardboardbox and add your small memories
  52. Add a small mirror to remind yourself that you’re worth taking on challenges
  53. Add scratch and sniff stickers
  54. Add yoga poses cards
  55. Add deep breathing cards
  56. Add pinwheel
  57. Add beautiful beads
  58. Add jump rope
  59. Add a small punching bag
  60. Add resistance bands
  61. Add a crunchy snacks
  62. Add gummy snacks
  63. Add calm down bottles
  64. Add a small bottle ofwater
  65. Add sunglasses to avoid rays of negativity
  66. Add an hourglass
  67. Add a small photo album
  68. Add a snow globe
  69. Add bubble-makingtools
  70. Add mini trampoline
  71. Add a kaleidoscope

I hope this blog helps you with creating your own personalized calm down kit in 5-minutes. Comment down and recommend topics to help you in making your own personalized mental health kits. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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