Therapy Guide: Is Anger Therapy Right For You?

Last Update on November 4, 2020 : Published on November 5, 2020
Is anger therapy right for you

With constant stress and irritability, anger takes place in our lives. We all have experienced anger somewhere in life. However, if your level of anger is increasing day by day and turning into unpredictable and overbearing emotions, it may be time to seek professional support, psychotherapy, or counseling.

The process of controlling your emotions and anger through the help of a professional psychologist is known as anger therapy. Anger therapy basically helps to control your anger issues. Anger begins from fleeting annoyance to uncontrollable rage more than multiple times in a week.

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Anger is an important part of human emotion. Anger is usually normal and healthy, but when it increases, anger gets out of control. Anger is destructive; it ruins professional and personal relationships. Excessive anger leads to increased blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. This blog includes everything you need to know about Anger Therapy.

Anger Therapy Skills

Anger Therapy Skills

The most effective way to control your anger related emotions and thoughts is to seek professional help. Anger therapy is known to be the best way to manage anger management. Therapeutic strategies taught by the therapist helps in developing patience and strategies to cope in uncontrollable situations.

Anger Therapy

Anger therapy is a therapeutic program for learning anger prevention and control. Various therapeutic strategies are available for helping to control anger issues. Most commonly used Anger therapy strategy used is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is effective for learning anger management. Through CBT, a person learns:

  • Mindfulness
  • Destruction of negative thoughts
  • Healthy stress tolerance
  • Empathy training
  • Emotion regulation
  • Skill-building for translating anger to assertiveness

Why Anger Therapy Is Helpful

Anger therapy helps in managing anger outbursts, understanding the reason behind anger which consists of painful emotions, identification of healthy coping strategies, channeling anger to healthy endeavors, and enhancing your relationships and communication with people related to you.

What Skills Does Anger Therapy Teach?

What skills does anger therapy teach

People going through Anger therapy learn to:

  • Communicate in a better way
  • Maintain their mental health
  • Prevention of social and psychological problems related to the anger
  • Empathetic skills for avoiding addictive behaviors
  • Avoiding substance use
  • Control their emotions

Benefits of Anger Therapy

With the help of Anger Therapy, people learn to support their emotions and staying calm in uncontrollable situations in a positive and constructive way. Anger therapy skills help in avoiding anger and suppression. Other common benefits of anger therapy are:

1. Communication

The major reason behind the anger is miscommunications that lead to misunderstandings. Anger therapy teaches people to communicate effectively. This makes conversations more controlled, easy, and effective. It also avoids any miscommunication and misinformation.

2. Judgment

Anger leads to grasping information in a biased way and makes us prone to causing misinformation. Anger management taught through anger therapy helps us to think in an unbiased way. It teaches us to use our senses before reacting towards any situation. It also allows the individual in analyzing situations in a more objective way.

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3. Empathy

Anger therapy teaches us empathy towards others which helps us to understand other’s opinions as well in a better way. Anger therapy also decreases the chance of any miscommunication or dispute.

4. Relationships

People who have high anger issues are likely to stay away from their loved ones since they do not want to hurt their loved ones. Anger therapy teaches us control of our emotions and anger which leads to building a better relationship. It also helps in focusing on our relationships in an improved way.

Anger Therapy At Home

relax stop

You can also learn specific ways or skills to cope with your anger easily. If you also feel that your thoughts and anger need to be calmed down, here are some things that you can do at home to control your anger.

1. Relax

You can practice controlling your anger issues, with slow breathing and relaxing whenever anger increases.

2. Stop

Start listening before reacting to any situation. Take some time and think about why you want to reply, what are you going to reply, is it really important to reply, are they going to understand it, how can you express your views in a better way. If it feels like relaxing at the moment, stop there, take a deep breath, and calm down the chatter of your mind.

3. Use Logic

Anger is the only emotion that takes logic away and suppresses our mind to judge in a negative way. Staying away from such situations and using your logic instead is the only thing you can do to control your emotions and negative thoughts. In these ways, you will begin to realize you are getting on the road in a more balanced way.

With this, do not forget that you can always seek professional help. When things do not seem to be controlled, you can always take the support of a therapist. For stormy situations, you can also register for online help. Join, Betterhelp today, and get the support.

I hope this blog helps you to understand everything related to Anger therapy. Comment down and let us know how you control your anger. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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