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Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal Therapy: History, Techniques, And How It Helps

There’s so much to the human psyche that we’re unaware of still. We’ve understood that…

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Fregoli delusion causes and coping

Fregoli Delusion: Causes & Coping

Do you know what delusions are? Delusions are a set of false beliefs that one…

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power of a smile

The Power Of Smile: 14 Reasons To Smile And Improve Wellbeing

Recently, I watched Ron Gutman’s Ted Talk on the topic “The Hidden Power of Smiling”, I got…

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Ways Expressive Arts Therapy Heals You

Ways Expressive Arts Therapy Heals You

Have you ever thought of painting or dancing when you were too agitated to think…

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Food And Mood: Understanding The Diet-Brain Connection

The study of the diet-brain connection can also be referred to as the gut-brain connection,…

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What Is The Tend-And-Befriend Response To Stress

What Is The Tend-And-Befriend Response To Stress? (With Examples)

When you’re in danger, the first response is to either fight it off or flee…

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Exploring the types of communication disorders

Exploring The Types Of Communication Disorders

According to psychology, communication disorders (CD) are the inability to send, receive, comprehend, or process…

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stages of a relationship

Exploring Stages Of A Relationship Every Couple Goes Through

We all get into many relationships and get out of many relationships. It’s part and…

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Healthy Narcissism

Is Healthy Narcissism A Thing? Check Out The Signs Here!

We’ve often seen people use “narcissism” as a negative word or trait but can there…

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