Scared Of Making Friends? Tips To Make Friends When Struggling With Social Anxiety

Friendships are a big part of our lives but when you’re a teenager or a young adult making friends can be a challenging task. Friends make our daily lives fun and interesting. Many of our favorite m...

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6 Health Benefits Of Living Near Water (Backed By Science)

Close your eyes and imagine living in a home from where you can notice a water body! How do you feel about that? I am sure most of you would also feel as serene as I am feeling right now imagining run...

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Swiping Left Or Right? Take A Look At The Possible Psychological Effects Of Online Dating

These days we have everything available at our fingertips, literally. Whether it be ordering groceries, watching movies, or dating. Online dating has gained traction over the last few years. While onl...

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Victim Mentality: What is it, How to Identify, and How to deal?

Do you also snatch at someone by playing the victim when you have no control over situations? If you also blame other people or someone in particular for all the situations in your life, there are cha...

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‘Why Do I Zone Out So Much?’ | How To Stop Zoning Out

Do you ever feel like you’ve been reading the same lines for over ten minutes or more? Or do you ever think about something mundane when you’re supposed to be listening to the meeting? Don’t...

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What Does Road Rage Mean? | Causes, Risks, & How To Control Road Rage

Do you feel angry when someone cuts in front of you when you’re driving? Or do you feel like yelling at nothing when some random car merges inappropriately in front of you? Driving while angry isn...

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Types Of Attraction And Their Meanings

I bet our regular readers know only one type of attraction which is physical attraction. And, you will be surprised to know that there are various types of attraction and each one is important and sig...

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Emotionally Burnt Out? Understand The Signs Of Emotional Exhaustion & How To Heal From It

While last year, in and on itself was a tough year to deal with, the year 2021 hasn’t fared any better, yet. Emotionally, we’re all wrung out and feeling drained of our energy and the emotional ab...

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How To Talk To Your Boss About Your Mental Health Struggles

If I were to ask you to name one person in your workplace who is struggling with mental health issues, would you be able to answer? Probably not right away. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 adults exper...

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