The Science Of Awareness: What Is The Role Of Dopamine In Consciousness?

“Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else.” - Erwin Schrödinger Consciousness is...

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Connecting With Friends On Facebook: A Blessing Or An Addiction?

A notification pops up on your phone that makes you turn your phone over to check. You immediately open up the app to see who has made an update… Can you relate to this, yet? I was the same until...

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The Science Behind Motivation: How Does Dopamine Help Increase Motivation

Instead of working (what you’re supposed to do), you’ve spent over an hour watching funny cat videos on YouTube or even scrolling through your Instagram feed for a new trend… sound familiar? ...

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Positive Aging: How to Age Like A Fine Wine and Live That Way

Growing Old! These two words often appear as a short horror story for many. After all, aging brings many changes in a person’s life. While aging is inevitable, it is a part of our development and gr...

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Parenting Tips for Children With Anxiety: How To Help Children With Anxiety

The high difficulty level is obvious when you have an anxious child. Even the most skilled and stable parenting can fail while dealing with a child who is chronically anxious. We often try to make our...

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The Pomodoro Technique: Effective Technique For Time Management And Mental Fatigue

Ever thought about how some people are so effective with time management? While everyone is loaded with office work or studies, how come some people are able to complete it all without having mental f...

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An Overview Of Angrophobia: The Fear Of Anger Or Becoming Angry

Anger is a common emotion we feel almost daily. Whether it is because someone cut in front of us in a line or if we heard something unpleasant, anger is an emotion that sums it all up, right? But did ...

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Does Anxiety Cause Irrational Thoughts & How To Overcome Them?

Do you think negative thoughts every day, no matter how good the situation is? Are your thoughts controlling your actions and your performance? These kinds of irrational thoughts can cause us to feel ...

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How Does Anxiety Affect Decision Making? | What To Do To Overcome Decision Anxiety

Is this good for me? Should I ask others to make my decisions? Why can’t I make decisions anymore? Do these questions plague your mind often? Do you also face difficulty in making smart decisions?...

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