10 Easy Ways To Fight Off The Winter Blues With These Effective Tips

Last Update on November 20, 2020 : Published on November 21, 2020
winter blues

Winters are just around the corner! I hope you have taken out your favorite and comfy clothes, prepared for a campfire, and have kept your cozy winter blanket ready. But wait! While you are preparing for your physical comfort what about working on your mental wellness comfort? After all, winter is accompanied by winter blues which if not taken care of may result in seasonal affective disorder.

What is Winter Blues

Winter blues are very common and are marked by experiencing a mood shift as the weather turns gloomy, colder, and dark. While many people question “how real is winter blues,” experts from the field suggest that this idea should not be dismissed as winter blues is a real and crucial sign of SAD (Dr. Jennifer Ashton).

Winter Blues

What Are The Signs Of Winter Blues

The signs of winter blues can be generally seen around the end of fall and beginning of winter. These signs include:

  • Feeling low.
  • Increased sleep hours.
  • Running low on energy.
  • Consuming more carbs than usual.
  • Daytime fatigue.
  • Spending more time inside the house.

Feeling low

Why Fight Off The Winter Blues

Generally, people are talking more about SAD than winter blues when winters approach! But, it might surprise you that while only 1-2% of the population experience SAD, winter blues affect nearly 10-20% of the population. Moreover, if the winter blues are prevented and taken care of it, the chances of swiping in SAD decreases. That is why it is more important to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from it.

How To Fight Off The Winter Blues

Now that we have a clearer picture of what are winter blues and why we need to fight them off, let us develop our “Fight Off Winter Blues Plan.”

1. Optimize Your Sleep Cycle:

Sleep gets adversely impacted because of the winter blues. So make sure that you have a proper and fixed sleeping schedule. This will further ensure that you have quality and quantity of sleep.

2. Soak Yourself In Sun For 30 Minutes:

Vitamin D and productivity are closely related. With winters our sun exposure (biggest and natural source of vitamin D) is reduced and hence lethargy, fatigue, and blues hit us! That’s why take 30 minutes out of your schedule and soak yourself in sunlight.

3. Eat The Right Food:

What you eat impacts how you feel and behave. While you might crave for carbs, make sure that you consume the right food instead. The best food items to ward off winter blues are: omega-3 fatty acids (flax seeds, walnuts, salmon), lean protein (salmon), berries, folic acid (oranges, leafy greens, oatmeal), vitamin B-12 (eggs, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese), dark chocolate, turkey, and bananas.

4. Wear Bright Colors:

Research has shown that bright and warm clothes are linked to feelings of happiness. So, go take those bright knitwear out!

5. Boost Your Serotonin Levels:

Serotonin is one of the four major happy hormones, which naturally increases through sunlight exposure. But in winters you can find new ways to increase your level of serotonin from activities like practicing gratitude, exercise, massage, recalling happy events, meditation, and spending time in nature.

6. Go Outside And Connect:

Sitting inside the house is not going to do any good. So go out in nature and walk. You make it even better by asking a friend to accompany you.

7. Burn That Extra Energy:

Staying inside stores energy within you that is why it is suggested that you burn all that energy and relax your body. You can choose your way to burn the energy through meditation, yoga, or even exercises.

8. Try Light Therapy:

During winters you might not be able to get enough sun exposure. In that case you can make use of artificial sunlight through light therapy gadgets, it will do the needful.

9. Plan Game Dates:

Instead of letting lethargy take over your control system plan and engage in different activities. For example, plan your weekends with your family, friends, or partner to play a game. This will help you connect with your friends and family but also keep you engaged (bye-bye blues) and burn that extra energy.

10. Reach For Therapy:

If winter blues interfere in your joys of life then it is advised that you opt for talk therapy and reach a qualified therapist. Through therapy you will be able to learn effective coping skills and fight off the issues faced by you.

11. Accomplish A Goal And Savor It:

Ditch those feelings that are draining you towards hopelessness by setting a small goal each day and savor it. It will pump you with a good feeling (which you need).

good feeling

Brownie Tip: If you have an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, asthma, or any other, please prioritize your self-care needs.

Winter blues can have a downstream effect on your overall wellness. So, charge up yourself and light up your spirits with the tips mentioned above.

Author’s Story of Winter Blues

Winters are coming! It can either remind someone of Game of Thrones or the winter blues (or even both). I fall into the latter category. When I say winter blues or look at the signs associated with it, I can totally relate with them. That’s the primary reason why I came up with this blog idea.

Plus, the autoimmune disease makes it even more important for me to address this issue. I have often found myself sulking in the corner, doing nothing, and putting my self-care to zero as winters knock at my door. But, this time I took the charge to make winters not only better for myself but for others too, who are sailing in the same boat. This “Anti-winter blues” plan has been working well for me so far. I hope that it does the same for you. Good luck fellas!

If you know someone who doesn’t quite keep up with the seasonal change and winters, share this blog with them. Help them witness a much-needed shift in their feelings and thoughts this winter!

And if you too can relate to my story, share with us in the comments section your favorite “Anti-Winter Blues” tip that you practice. We would love to hear from you!

Wishing you all happy winters ahead!!!

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