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Last Update on May 31, 2022 : Published on May 31, 2022

Getting out of a relationship is hard especially when it is toxic. It really does not matter if you have made mistakes or not, it is really important to seek closure do you know why? Getting closure helps in securing our future relationships. Not having closure makes us confused and complex because it gets hard to maintain a sense of peace, understanding, and acceptance after ending the relationship.

Growing apart is the hardest thing we all experience once or multiple times throughout our life. While closure is different for everyone, some might not need it because they realize how tangled the relationship was!

But, some people need closure because they want to free themselves from the pain they are holding for a long time, they need to learn their mistakes, they need to learn about their behavior, they need to know how relationships work, and more importantly, they need to have closure to move on and let go of toxicity related to it.

In this blog, let’s see why we need closure in a relationship and how to seek closure in this era of modern dating, ghosting, love bombing, eclipsing, dry dating, and zombie-ing!

The Meaning of ‘Closure’ in a Relationship

Closure- in-a-Relationship

While closure is a real buzzword highly used in the last decade, it means finding firm answers after ending the relationship with your partner so that you can live positively and secure your future relationships.

It is known that when we get closure in a relationship, we begin to move towards acceptance. Getting closure allows us to figure out our mistakes, and answers behind the end of the relationship and we begin to let go of negative emotions related to our broken relationship.

Reasons We Need Closure in a Relationship

Here are 10 reasons why we need closure in a relationship (especially in a toxic relationship):

  1. Closure helps us in getting answers towhy the relationship ended.
  2. Closure helps us in learning from our mistakes.
  3. Closure allows us to move on and accept that the relationship has ended.
  4. Closure helps us in understanding how to build security in a relationship.
  5. Closure helps us to decide whether we shouldapologize or be
  6. Closure helps in ending the relationship on good terms.
  7. Closure helps us in learning more about ourselves.
  8. Closure helps us in overcoming shame and guilt and brings us a chance to self-forgive ourselves.
  9. Closure makes us believe that the relationship can never be reinstated again.
  10. Closure helps us in avoiding past mistakes for future relationships.

What to do when you can’t Get Closure in a Relationship

While we understand how important it is to get closure after ending the relationship, the fact is that sometimes people hesitate in providing closure as they know they have done something bad, but don’t worry if your ex-partner is not providing you closure. You can take the help of the below-mentioned ways to do when your ex is not providing you a closure:

  • You directly need to contact them because it’s their choice and honestly, you can’t do anything about it.
  • You can also start finding it yourself since it is essential for you to move on.
  • Stop blaming yourself, self-forgive,and prepare yourself for a future relationship.
  • Start taking care of yourself and avoid thinking about them.
  • Distance yourself from the people and things related toyour ex.
  • Try to practice forgiveness and start being grateful as you automatically got out of a toxic relationship or person.

Ways to Seek Closure in a Relationship


Clearly, getting closure is a mutual thing, our ex has to give closure and we need to accept what went wrong. Therefore, if you want to seek closure in a relationship, you can try these below-mentioned ways:

Call or text them

While calling them can be a strenuous task, you must call them in a positive way, keep aside your negative emotions, and directly ask them to provide a closure so that you can speed up your recovery or healing process.

Accept and move on!

Acceptance should be your first handy thing because without accepting your mistakes, feelings, and emotions you won’t be able to move on! Therefore, stop holding on to hope and accept.

Maintain distance and cut communication

After getting closure, stop talking to them and avoid places or things related to their memories. By developing such actions, you will be able to accept the closure and will be able to move on.

Seek support

If after getting a closure, it is getting hard to accept, you can always seek the help of a professional mental health provider. It will help in developing healthy coping skills and will help in removing negative thoughts from your life. With the guidance of a mental health professional, you will also be able to prepare yourself for the future.

Sometimes, after getting closure, we start feeling empty and hopeless. Please understand that it is completely okay to be single than to live in a toxic relationship. Don’t hold any grudges against your partner, wish well for them, and move on!

Trust me, modern relationships work only like this!  I hope this blog helps you in seeking closure from a relationship. Comment down and let us know what you think about this modern dating era. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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