Stop Stewing Over FOMO! Time to Cherish JOMO

Last Update on August 17, 2020 : Published on June 7, 2020
Time to Cherish JOMO

We all have heard of the word FOMO and at some point in our lives, we might have experienced it as well. While FOMO took a toll on our mental wellness and inner peace, a flipside of it has been recently discovered that has a lot to offer to us. And this flipside is known as Joy Of Missing Out aka JOMO.

A one-liner description for JOMO would be enjoying what you are doing, loving at the moment, without worrying about what everyone else around you is doing.

To stop thinking about how cool and perfect everyone else’s life is, to stop comparing our current life situation with others, and to stop freaking over what others are doing and assuming you are missing out on it, you have to welcome JOMO in your life and stop stewing over FOMO.

The best deception of JOMO

Time to Cherish JOMO

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Debunking the Biggest Myth of Joy Of Missing Out

Many people hold the view that JOMO demands missing out on something amazing and calls for engaging in something boring instead. Well, that’s not true!

On the contrary, JOMO empowers you to say no for things that you don’t have time for or don’t light you up. It calls for spending time with where you actually enjoy it like with your loved ones, pursuing your favorite habits, and others.

Why Cherish JOMO?

You can think of all the benefits that digital detoxing has to offer and all the goods that FOMO takes away from you. These combined are the benefits that JOMO has to offer.

Embracing JOMO is linked with various mental health benefits like:


The Three-step Formula to Flip from FOMO to JOMO

The classic formula to flip your FOMO to JOMO is to Reflect, Disconnect, and Reconnect. Let us unfold each of them:

Reflect: The first step is to track down how you are currently spending your time. This helps you reflect on what currently are your priorities and where most of your energy is being channelized. Depending on your review report add a break time for yourself in your daily schedule. Don’t forget to relish this downtime.

Disconnect: With our digital screens being a major cause of us experiencing FOMO, disconnecting from them has to be a way to welcome JOMO. It is like a much-needed escape from the outside world and regains our focus on our inner world. Go for a walk, read your favorite book, or meditate, basically just spend time with your thoughts.

Reconnect: While you are disconnecting with the digital world, take this moment to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Instead of constantly figuring out what others will like or what are they busy doing, shift your focus on yourself and what you enjoy. It will help you be in the present moment and enjoy it. Along with this, schedule time with your loved ones as well. Don’t forget to keep your social fever aside.

Other Tactics to Turn FOMO to JOMO

To get this emotionally intelligent antidote of FOMO in your life you can also try these following effective tactics:

  • Practice saying NO. You really don’t have to say a Yes to each outing that your friends are planning. It is honestly the best way to protect yourself and show some self-love. Plus, it will help you embrace JOMO.
  • Understand screen life ≠ real life. We spend endless hours scrolling through our social media feeds, letting our FOMO grow. While we forget that screen time is not equivalent to real life. So, why spend time there? Tune into your life instead and welcome JOMO in your life.
  • Set a timeline. Checking your mail 8 is not doing any good but we know it is important. So what to do? Set a timeline for your screen activities. Like checking emails twice a day (only).
  • Ground yourself. FOMO often brings feelings of anxiety, so to turn it into JOMO, it is important to settle anxiety. The best way is to ground yourself in reality by bringing all your senses to focus through 5-4-3-2-1 mindfulness meditation.
  • Practice gratitude. The reason why gratitude has made it to this list is that being thankful changes our perspective from what could be to what is.
  • Inhale… Exhale. Just breathe in, focus on your breath, and exhale (preferable 4 times), your brain will feel calmer, paving the way for JOMO.


Turning your Home into A JOMO Spot

You can actually transform your home into a spot where you can easily cherish the Joy Of Missing Out. These following tactics can help you here:

  • Paint your home with calm. Make use of pastel colors, natural colors, and wood to decorate your house, which further ensures to radiate positive vibes. Plus, it will offer you a peaceful environment to be in.
  • Add the element of warmth. Surround yourself with comfortable furniture, linen, wool, and velvet to create a warm environment.
  • Create a cozy space. Dedicate a small corner of your house to yourself and your comfort. Make this little space cozy with your favorite things and spend your quality time here.
  • Unplug yourself from the world of the internet. With access to technology everywhere around, picking a digital device seems to be a more convenient option than picking paint brushes or a book. The best you can do here is to have a dedicated area in your house for technology. Keep your tablets, phones, iPods, everything digital, in that area of your house.

Turning your Home into A JOMO Spot

Now it is time for you to cherish JOMO in your life and enjoy the moment without feeling guilty for not participating in one of the hundreds of options that were available to you.

Don’t forget to share your experience of JOMO with us!!!

Let us #JOMO

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