Moving From Shallow to Deep Breathing With Pranayama

Have you ever focused on your breathing? How often do we let the oxygen we inhale reach our abdomen? Not that frequent, right! Rather we let the inhaled oxygen just reach the chest and exhale it.Wit...

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How To Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

Maya Angelou rightly quoted “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” We all have bad days, we all experience mood swings because ...

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4 Types of Stress in Psychology : How to Control Stress?

Therefore, we want to tell you that you are not alone. Calm sage encourages you to live a healthy mental and physical life. Doctors suggest that 90% of the diseases are caused due to stress. Stress i...

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What is Eustress and 9 Real-Life Examples of Eustress

Whenever you hear the word “stress” what comes to your mind... I know by hearing stress lots of people would think of negative energy or perception of thought. But generally “Eustress” is the ...

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Two Major Challenges Of Living With An Invisible Illness

As we know the world is full of emotions and we try to grasp those sentiments within us. But you know there are various people out there who are battling with invisible illness amidst these sentiments...

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Healthy and Simple Self-Care Practices that You Should Adopt

Self-care is simply, caring for yourself. We have a busy life and since the evolution of mankind, we have been getting busier and it's not going to change. The more we progress, the more options we wi...

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Find Your Calm The Fun Way

(Activity-Based Webinar) We all strive and thrive to stay calm in our day-to-day lives. While there are various relaxation and meditation techniques out there for you to try, we have come up with fun...

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Benefits of Deep Breathing On Your Physical and Mental Health

The only thing common between all living things is- We all BREATHE! Be it the small planter placed in the corner of your room or your pet painting on your coach or you reading this blog. We are all b...

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COVID19 – Panic Attacks Symptoms and how to deal with them

As coronavirus sickness continues to spread, fear and anxiety raise among many individuals. About 15-30% of the population experience panic disorder in a given year and surprisingly this has increase...

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