7 Simple but Life-Changing Habits You Can Learn From Successful People

As the saying goes ”Habits make the Man”. It is quite true as we see people around us as some are quite successful, but the majority still struggles. Even with a similar educational background. Pe...

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5 Simple but Healthy Eating Habits that You Should Adopt ASAP

There are so many habits that we have picked up from the time we were born but are we doing everything in the right manner? Have you ever wondered that even the simple things that we do every day, and...

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Avoiding These Vitamins Can Trouble Mental Health. Start Them Today!

Understand essential vitamins for mental health and turn your food choices for the right. Dietary choices are a major contributor to in deciding your physical health. A balanced diet keeps the body w...

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7 Best Mental Health books to Read in 2021

There are so many books in the market today that covers almost all the subjects. There was a time when people were not able to get much information on mental health and problems. The awareness was ver...

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5 Simple Steps on How to Deal with Loneliness

What is Loneliness? How to deal with Loneliness ? Is it any different than solitude? I will be covering these and some questions in this article. Loneliness is not what everyone thinks. The general or...

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What is Social Anxiety or Social Phobia? Causes and Symptoms

We understand the feeling of being uncomfortable or nervous in a social situation. Walking in a room full of strangers or public speaking is sometimes thrilling, but not for everybody. According to a ...

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How To Improve Your Mental Health In the Workplace? 7 Easy Ways

On average an individual spends almost 10-11 years of his life working!  That’s a lot!!! Therefore, it becomes important to build, grow, and nurture positive mental health in the workplace. Now if...

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The Healing Power of Reiki

Reiki is a basic premise of energy healing that comes from your Spirit Guides, goes through your physical body, onto the physical body of another. Reiki stabilizes, cleanses, provides well-being, and ...

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Lady Gaga: From Psychotic Breakdown to Winning An Oscar

Lady Gaga is one of the most well-known personalities, who’s pretty comfortable talking about her bad past experiences and mental health. Despite facing tough times, Lady Gaga worked on herself and ...

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