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Overthinking Affects Your Mental Health

Podcast Ep. 16 – How Overthinking Affects Your Mental Health?

We have thoughts, ideas and various unstoppable scenarios on our mind. There is nothing wrong…

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Impostor syndrome- Symptoms & Treatment

Impostor Syndrome : Characteristics & Coping Strategies

Impostor syndrome, also written as imposter syndrome, is a psychological condition where one doubts their…

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How To Learn To Be Assertive

Assertiveness: The Subtle Art of Communicating Your Needs

“Assertiveness is your ability to act in harmony with your self-esteem without hurting others” That…

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Increase Your Self Awareness with johari window

Johari Window: Your Ultimate Tool For Building Self-Awareness

“Self-awareness is a key to mastery” ~Gretchen Rubin We all are unique and we have…

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How to be consistent in life

How to Be Consistent: Learn to live a balanced life

Consistency leads us to a happy, positive, and balanced life. The power of consistency provides…

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How Social Media Affects Mental Health And Causes Depression

Social media platforms can affect your mental health do you know how? In this digital…

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How Parents Fighting Affects a Child's Mental Health

How Parents Fighting Affects a Child’s Mental Health?

The mental health of a child depends on the surrounding where they live. The more…

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Strengthen Your Awareness Muscles

Meditation To Strengthen Your Awareness Muscles (Goodbye Procrastination)

Is there a long list of to-do things sticking on your desk but, the ghost…

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Signs You're Raising an Angry Child

5 Signs You’re Raising an Angry Child

Indeed, anger is a common feeling that can be seen in every human being! In…

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