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the six stages of behavior change

6 Stages of Behavior Change: Identify the Pattern

Behavior change starts when you switch to fast food from regular healthy food when you…

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10 Reasons why you should be more Self Dependent

When you want a successful and independent life for yourself, it is really necessary to…

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how to be more successful in life

How To Be More Successful In Life?

Success has a different meaning for every individual. Some want wealth as a form of…

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Best Adult Coloring Books For Mental Peace

Best Coloring Books : Set Your Mind at Peace

Let’s start by breaking the mindset that coloring books are meant for kids and younger…

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how to make your room organised

Guide to Reorganize Your Room | Making it Your Happy Place

Hey, what are your weekend plans? Nothing yet? Well, we have something to suggest! How…

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Qualities of creative people

What Are The Characteristics Of Creative People? Adopt & Become One.

When you run an errand with a creative mindset, you decide to stretch the boundaries…

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Discovering the Relationship Between Sleep, Dreams and REM Stage

Discovering the Relationship Between Sleep, Dreams and REM Stage

What did you dream about yesternight? Sometimes we have the answer to this question but…

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power of saying no

Explore the Power of saying a No | Time to Set Boundaries

NO A word that is a complete sentence in itself, an answer, a boundary that…

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Loving Kindness Meditation

Practice Loving Kindness Meditation: A Step-by-Step Guide

According to a studyLoving Kindness Meditation is a very popular meditation technique that is practiced…

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