7 Types of Negativity You Must Kill To Be Happier

Last Update on August 25, 2021 : Published on October 7, 2020
Types of Negativity You Must Kill To Be Happier

We are surrounded by energies – positive and negative – all day. Our energies produce thoughts and those thoughts then manifest into things. The Law of attraction is a beautiful thing. It states; we attract what we focus on. When you focus on negative thoughts, your energy or aura becomes negative as well. This kind of energy will attract negative people and negative thoughts that will make you a bitter person.

Negativity is toxic to our mental health. When you are surrounded by negative energies, you may:

  • Feel restless and anxious
  • Attract negative thoughts of others
  • Make rash decisions
  • Feel cranky at all times

The thoughts you think and the people you socialize with attract energies, both positive and negative. It is important to get rid of the negative ones and surround yourself with positive and happy energies.

The SAME OLD Thinking

get help and get happy

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7 Types of Negative Energy You Need to Kill


Trying to accomplish something unrealistic will make you feel “less than”. Perfection is a good habit but it is not necessary. Being imperfect in a perfect world is what makes you unique. As humans, we make mistakes and from those mistakes, we learn to experience the beauty of life. The need to be perfect may lead to disappointment and that can make you feel depressed. Mistakes are part of life and to be imperfect is what makes you different from others.



Judging yourself and others only bring out the negativity in you. Comparing yourself to others leads to the judgment that interferes with your self-improvement. We all have flaws and those flaws are what make us different from others. Judging someone on those flaws causes fear and regret. No one wants and deserves to be criticized and doing that you spread negativity.|



Self-doubt is your worst enemy. When we begin to doubt ourselves, we begin to doubt our skills and talents. Self-doubt grows like a weed that never stops growing and takes over our thinking unless we remove its roots. Having confidence in our skills and ourselves helps us to improve our quality of life. Having confidence in yourself can make you a positive and healthy person.

4.Worry over the unknown

Worry over the unknown

Worrying over something that has not yet come to pass is not something you need in your life. Worry doesn’t solve anything but creates tension and unrest. The problems we face need a solution and distressing about that make situations complicated. Instead of worrying about the unknown focus on the positive outcomes that may arise out of the circumstances. It causes less stress and anxiety.


The outcomes of something are always unknown and assuming the outcomes of the situation that is more or less unknown does not help. Life is unpredictable and exciting. You never know what you are going to face the next minute. Assumptions are unhealthy and can create feelings of fear that may cause you to miss out on the positive of the situation. There is a famous quote from the movie ‘Forrest Gump’:

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”



Complaining about things in your life that are out of your control is annoying. Whining about the things instead of coming up with a solution only attracts negativity and drains us of our energy. Try giving thanks and gratitude instead of complaining. It will make you a better person and attract positivity in your life.

7.Controlling everything

Controlling everything

We cannot control everything. When we do try to control a situation that doesn’t need control, we tend to make it worse. As mentioned before, life is unpredictable, and trying to control things and people around you can make you a stressful person. The twists and turns of life teach us how to grow and become a better person. Controlling things can lead to stress and anxiety. Enjoy what you do and leave the rest to the universe.

Believe in yourself and love life. Negativity can affect your personal and professional life. It causes people to steer away from you and make you a bitter person.

Stay positive and enjoy the little things around you!

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    As usual God was left out, not giving Him credit, is one of our biggest mistakes. Stories such as these teach people not to rely on Him, which is what He wants. There is no reason not to. Man should learn to live with our Creator. Take Doctors for instance. Even if they are not Christian, He is there. The seven items are opinionated, and I am not saying they are wrong, I am saying, ther3 is always more to the story than first thought. If I missed your mention of God, I apologize. Thank you.

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