Ghosted By Someone? 5 Ways To Cope With The Pain Of Being Ghosted

Last Update on April 27, 2021 : Published on April 29, 2021
Ghosted by someone

“I was so baffled and confused when someone I liked so much blocked me from every social media platform and even over-call. I just couldn’t understand why he did so. There, I was dreaming of my future with him and here, he did not even find it necessary to tell me that he can’t go ahead. He ghosted me. Now how do I cope up alone as my heart is sinking?”

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Being ghosted is heartbreaking as someone whom you are either dating or have a deep friendship with cuts off all ties with you without even informing. It can happen in the beginning of a relationship or in the middle. You tasted something so good but it was taken away from you cruelly.

what it is like Being Ghosted

If you are being ghosted then let me remind you that you were not at your fault. You were just being yourself but the person you were dating was so emotionally immature that they couldn’t be honest with you. This is it.

However, you still must be thinking why were you ghosted and how to cope up with the bothering pain? People usually ghost because:

  • They don’t want to face an uncomfortable situation of breaking up.
  • Their own inability to communicate.
  • They don’t need to give justification to exit the relationship.

However, ghosting becomes painful as the mind jumbles from one possibility to another and induces emotions like sadness, anger, confusion, and loneliness. Besides uncomfortable feelings and embarrassment, depression and grief may also show up. This is why it is advised to learn how to deal with being ghosted strongly and come out as a stronger person.

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How To Handle Being Ghosted?

Here are some tips to handle hurtful feelings which helped me when I found that the person who ghosted me was also blatantly lying about his profession, house, and even his real name. Gosh, it was bad but I got through it. How? Read below!

1. Acknowledge That This Hurts

feeling of being ghosted hurts

Take a deep breath and sit peacefully somewhere. The high hopes of this relationship might haven’t grown in the way you thought and the feeling of being ghosted hurts. It is important to let that sink in! Acknowledge that you would feel hurt but you are stronger than the person who ghosted you and this phase will get over soon.

2. Get Rid Of Self-Blame

This again is one aspect that comes to mind, we blame ourselves. So many questions, regret, embarrassment and shame comes into the picture and you feel everything that you did went in vain. But understand, if there is no explanation to find the cause of happenings then it doesn’t mean you start blaming yourself.

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If you are thinking that it all happened because of your actions, talks or activities then kindly, stop doing so! Take a break and regroup yourself. You cannot blame yourself for something that you loved doing and moreover, you can’t blame yourself for something that you didn’t even do! At least, you never ghosted.

3. Heal Your Mind & Body

Heal Your Mind & Body

Many studies have shown that if you do the basic things in a mindful state like eating well, sleeping properly, exercising thrice a week, etc. then it helps in managing your stress and mental pain. Indulging in yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness have the capacity to lower the stress hormones and ultimately emotional pain.

4. Build Resilience

If you are knocked down emotionally then even experts suggest you practice self-care activities and build resilience within yourself. Resilience is that particular trait that doesn’t let a person fall back due to failure in any circumstance and overtake it all with your personal strength. It could be built to cope with the pain of being ghosted by

5. Let It Go! It Was Never Meant For You.

You will feel better as and when time moves on. But it is only possible only when you are ready for it and give yourself permission to take care of yourself. It is your life and you have to move ahead for a better future.

Rather invest in yourself, new activities, and hobbies that are actually helpful for your own well-being. Accept the instances that have already happened and let it go like the strongest person.


I understand what is being ghosted and how it feels like I was there once but leaving it over the passage of time was very helpful. Apart from this, all the above points helped me to cope with the pain of being ghosted.

Even after that if you cannot focus on your life alone, connect with us by messaging us at and let us help you to talk to a counselor today!

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