Lack of concentration? 11 Tips To Improve Build Concentration

Last Update on July 26, 2023 : Published on April 17, 2021
How to improve concentration

Recalling those childhood days, when we really tried hard to concentrate on studying during exams…but still could not do it. Our childhood was quite strange; we have ignored so many issues related to mental health due to “STIGMAS”.

However, if I talk about today’s world, I feel so happy that everyone is talking about mental health and its related issues. Lack of concentration is one of them.

Lack of concentration is associated with various mental health disorders. If you see you or someone having issues focusing or developing concentration. Do not ignore it…and work on it. Even if you see a kid trying harder on mental focusing…let’s not ignore it and help that little flower.

Want to know how? This blog consists of 11 Tips to improve concentration or develop concentration. So, let’s get started.

11 Best Ways to Improve Concentration

1. Training Exercises for Your Brain

Training exercises for your brain

There are certain types of games that are available on both offline and online medium that can help everyone in improving concentration like:

  • Chess
  • Sudoku
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Memory games
  • Scrambles or word searches
  • Jigsaw puzzle

Research shows that such brain exercises improve our concentration even if we spend only 15 minutes every day. It improves our short-term memory and enhances problem-solving skills.

If you’re working on improving concentration on your kid, you can introduce puzzles and other memory-improving games.

If you’re working on an adult to improve concentration, you can try brain training. Or you can also try coloring books.

2. Bringing Your Mind Game

Brain games can help in improving concentration and it directly also improves your mental health. Gaming helps in improving Visual Selective Attention (VSA). VSA is referred to the capability of concentrating on a specific task and ignoring all the distractions.

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To do so, you can take the help of video games. Video game helps in increasing brain activities and boosting concentration. If you don’t want to take the help of video games, you can also try brain games.

Moreover, video game improves cognitive functioning. If you’re a video game player person, play it for a limited time, do not grow it as an addiction. Here are some stress-relieving game ideas:

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3. Improving Your Sleeping Pattern

Less sleep is the major reason behind disrupted focus; it also affects cognitive functions like attention and memory. If it happens sometimes or occasionally then you may not have to worry about it. If it is happening regularly then you will have to improve your sleeping pattern for the betterment of mood and productivity at work or studies.

Whenever our body is too tired it impacts the ability to complete daily tasks. According to experts, one should have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

To improve your sleeping pattern, take the look at the below-mentioned blogs:

4. Making Time for Exercises

If you really wish to increase your concentration then apart from doing all these activities, you will also have to indulge yourself in regular exercises. There are so many benefits of regular exercises wherein the most important is that it increases concentration.

You can do whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable. Even a moderate aerobic physical activity can help in reversing memory loss and improving concentration. Here are some reference blogs for exercises:

5. Taking a Nature Walk

Taking a nature walk

For boosting your concentration and increasing it, one thing that will provide you100% results in nature. A 50 Min Walk in Nature can help improve your attention, says Dr. Upasana Chaddha Counselling Psychologist.

If you’re having a hectic schedule, try to go out for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re too tired to walk, take a short break, sit on the bench and enjoy the serenity. Even sitting in your backyard is also helpful.

Research shows that plants in office spaces can help in increasing productivity and concentration. There are countless reasons for opting for a nature walk, boosting concentration still remains the first.

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6. Bringing the Power of Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation practices provide N number of benefits wherein boosted concentration is one of the major benefits. Research shows that mindful activities help in increasing concentration and focus. It also improves memory and other cognitive functions. Along with meditation, you can take the help of other mindful activities like deep breathing, yoga, and mantras.

7. Taking a Short Break

Taking a short break

Taking a break from everything can actually help in increasing your concentration. Mental health experts say that taking a short break really works. If you’re having a bad day, not able to focus, or overworked, you can take a short mindful break with a dash of coffee (coffee is optional) to regain your focus.

8. Listening to Music

Turning on music to increase concentration is another type of cheerful and mindful activity. It also improves brain functioning, enhances memory, and learning power. However, the point is the type of music also makes a huge difference when you want to increase your concentration. If you’ve opted for classical music, the chances are high for increasing your focus.

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9. Making Changes in Your Diet

Making changes in your diet

Foods can also help in increasing concentration and memory. Like, you must avoid too many sugar foods, processed foods, or fatty foods. Instead, you can add fatty fish, eggs, blueberries, spinach, and other iron-rich foods to your diet.

Also, staying hydrated can also help positively.

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10. Trying Out a Concentration Workout

A concentration workout helps children and adults in focusing more on their everyday tasks. You can try these activities for increasing your concentration:

It helps in developing cognitive skills as well and helps to refocus.

Final Words: 

Learning How to Concentrate is not easy and overnight task. To Speed up This whole process You must understand Why you are struggling to Stay CONCENTRATED. Once You have List down all the problem, Try to work on them Including the above stated tips.

If you’re not able to increase your focus with the help of the above-listed activities, or if you’re going something bad due to bad focusing skills, getting professional help is required in such cases. You can also consider taking online help.

I hope this blog helps you to develop concentration. Comment down and share your pick from the list of improving concentration.

Thanks for reading!

Keep learning and Keep focusing!

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