How to Stop Being Taken for Granted?

How to Stop Being Taken for Granted

Being taken without any consideration may be a horrible situation to be in, whether it’s together with your partner, friends, colleagues at work, or relationships with our loved ones. Do you know why? Since there are actually no prompt or handy solutions for this issue.

Stop Being Taken for Granted

You have to take active steps which will create a solid platform for your personality and image. Here are steps that you simply can take and find out how to prevent being taken without any consideration.

Smart Ways to Stop Being Taken for Granted:

1. Say No! Ok?

Say No! Ok

One of the basic personality traits of people who are taken for granted is that they are unable to say no to others. If this sounds like you, it means that you are simply afraid that you may sound rude or arrogant if you say no. If you want to stop being taken for granted, you will have to put this fear aside and put your foot down to say no should the need arise.

Example: If your friends expect you to be there whenever they decide to hang around although you’re busy doing all of your own things. Now say no for once!! Your calendar and needs ought to get need over other insignificant things throughout everyday life. Soon, your friends will realize that you simply won’t recoil from not exposure and can stop taking your presence without any consideration.

2. Don’t Be Nice All the Time

Don't Be Nice All the Time

Being nice to others should be the way we all behave. Unfortunately, it is often the case that people who are too nice or go overboard in being nice to others can be taken for granted. If you think that that folks are taking advantage of your niceness, it’s time you hung up your nice boots and placed on a firm attitude. Be nice, but use your discretion and arrange whenever required.

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Example: If you are being nice and going out of your way to help fellow colleagues at work, they might take your niceness for granted. It might not be long before you hear “John, can you help me with this report?”, “John, could you please see why my computer isn’t starting up” or “John, are you able to be a doll and help me prepare my presentation speech” all the time. Don’t fall into this trap!

3. Face The People That Take You Without Any Consideration!

Face The People

Considered to be an efficient way of handling being taken without any consideration at work, you’ll have a one-on-one chat with the people whom you think are indulging during this nasty practice. Tell them clearly that you simply don’t appreciate that your work and efforts within the office go unappreciated.

Example: If you think that your loving partner is unknowingly taking you without any consideration and therefore the situation is getting out of hand, you’ll have a candid one-on-one conversation with them and say “Look, I would like to be there for you all the time.

I would like to assist you altogether with possible ways in which I can. But before you inquire from me for a favor, I’d appreciate it if you’ll give my schedule and work timings a fast thought” But confirm that you simply have a pleasant bottle of wine and dim the lights before you say this!

4. Don’t Show Up: Let Your Absence Represent Itself

Let Your Absence Represent Itself

Whether its work or your relationship together with your partner and friends, you and your services play an integral part in things that make business or a relationship tick. If you think that you simply are being taken without any consideration, don’t show up. Not literally, but the purpose is to form others to realize how important you’re in their lives or processes.

5. Stop Constantly Putting Yourself In Other’s Shoes

Stop Constantly Putting Yourself In Other's Shoes

Putting yourself within the shoes of others and having the wisdom to believe how your actions are getting to affect others may be a rare and much-appreciated talent. But are you overdoing it?

Many of us often have the habit of asking ourselves “How will they feel if I do this?” If you’re one among them, you’ll want to chop this down because your friends or colleagues may take this very habit of yours without any consideration.

6. Make Good Decisions That You Simply Will Stand By!

Make Good Decisions

The problem with making bad decisions is that you simply need to accept that you made a nasty call if someone catches you off guard. Making good decisions, on the opposite hand, gives you the arrogance to undertake what you are feeling is true and lessens the probabilities of individuals around you trying to influence you otherwise.

Developing a habit to form good decisions will stop people from taking you without any consideration because they’re going to have seen your ability to form the proper out in the proper time.

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7. Introspect


In your battle to prevent being taken without any consideration, you ought to attempt to search for answers to the question, “Why am I being taken for granted?” There could likewise be particular trademark qualities, situational components or simply the nearness of not really pleasant individuals around you.

Give this whole scenario a fast introspection and if necessary, pen down your thoughts. Find out how to affect the items that have given this example an opportunity to arise and advance.

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