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Free online therapists

Best Free Online Therapists (To Help You In Need)

Online therapy has picked up its pace and why not; there are a plethora of…

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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga: What Is It & Why Is It Is Good For You

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine” but have you ever tried…

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Quick & Interesting Facts About Social Anxiety Disorder That You Should Know

5 Quick & Interesting Social Anxiety Facts That You Should Know

“I'm not anti-social. I'm just not social.” - Woody Allen One of the most commonly…

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slime therapy

Slime Therapy For Stress: How Much Slime Is Too Much Slime?

Whenever you think about slime, which impression does it give you in the first place…sticky,…

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mindfulness exercise

Simple Mindfulness Exercise For You To Try (Beyond Meditation)

I have been influenced by mindfulness for a long time in fact my master’s thesis…

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Effects Of Bullying & How To Overcome

Understanding The Long-Term Effects Of Bullying & How To Overcome Them

Being bullied can be disheartening and miserable for the one being subjected to bullying. Bullying…

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What is Kleptomania: What Is It & How To Treat It?

An irresistible urge of stealing things could be directly termed as kleptomania, to be precise.…

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Take a Mindful Pause

The Mindful Pause: Take A Pause To Bounce Back Even Stronger

Have you also heard “The Mindful Pause” for the time? Wondering “what is the mindful…

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Understanding Xenophobia

Xenophobia: Characteristics, Types, Impact & How-To Deal With It

Xenophobia (pronounced zee-no-fo-bee-ah) can be described as fear or discomfort of strangers or foreigners. Hostility…

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