What is Mind over Matter and Its Examples?


We are all aware of the fact that our emotions and thoughts affect our dreams, specifically the content of our dreams. The truth is that our dreams exist in our minds. Even Arjuna has stated in Bhagwad Gita, an ancient book of Hinduism that “mind is as difficult to control as the wind.”

Arjuna explained that with the indifference of world objects and practices, the human mind could be controlled. When someone goes through stress,  the brain generates stress responses, which is a full-body phenomenon.

Similarly, when someone experiences a real or imagined threat, the brain produces stress hormones, the heart a pound, breathing quickens, and muscles tense. This phenomenon can be referred to as Mind over matter.

What is Mind over Matter?

To put it in a nutshell, mind over matter is a term used to refer the capacity to accomplish results. Through this blog, I am going to tell you about the examples of mind over matter. Most of us are not aware of the mind over matter or power of the mind. More precisely, mind over matter is to unleash the infinite powers of the brain to conquer limitations and challenge the authenticities.

Mind over Matter

Do you know that our mind is so capable that it can move the mountain? No, right! Because most of us underestimate the power of our minds, we most of the time fail to see the perspective of our wills. We sometimes achieve the unachievable, and sometimes we underestimate. The fact is that our mind has great power of surpassing reality and influencing reality.

Below is the List Of  Example for Mind Over Matter:

Examples of Mind Over Matter

1. Willpower


In some situations, we want to give up; however, when the mind takes control over the will, we get up and try to achieve the impossible. There are various stories of people who have achieved the impossible and unachievable by just leading a healthy life like us. Therefore, we should also train our minds never to give up and keep trying.

2. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a worldwide famous personality who was diagnosed with motor neuron disorder during his 20’s. Regardless of his disorder, he never gave up and overcame the physical deformation and became one of the theoretical physicists. The important thing is that he had the willpower to find the way out of his issues, and he made technology his aid.

3. William Ernst Henley

William is a famous poet who wrote Invictus. In his poem, the poets talked about the experience of unleashed mental power and belief. The poets refused to get his leg to amputate, and with the help of other healthcare workers, he saved his leg. The firm belief and his conviction saved his leg, which shows that willpower is the only that helps endure the hardships.

4. Telekinesis


Telekinesis is the capability of moving something using your mind, without any application of physical force. Telekinesis is the best example of mind over matter. For example, the book named Maltida, wherein the protagonist is shown with telekinetic power.

5. The PK Man: A True Story of mind over matter

The PK Man is a book written by John E. Mack, and Jeffrey Mishlove is based on a real story of famous Ted Owens. Ted Owens made various absurd claims of superpowers to rule nature forces and the cause of natural disasters. Additionally, the author of the book is a parapsychologist who describes the viability of the book. If you want to read about mind over matter, I suggest you read the book.

6. Prayer and Meditation

prayer and Meditation

The power of prayer and meditation is a continuous practice, and eventually, it increases mental strength. If you want to achieve greater control over self, you should try the power of prayer and meditation. Indian meditation and yoga help in the liberation of mind and help to realize the true selves.

7. Moksha

Moksha is an Indian word that means the destruction of meditative powers that frees the body from gravity. Additionally, Tibetan monks are referred to as the ones who control the temperature of the body to use the meditative techniques properly.

8. Placebo and Nocebo Effects

Placebo and Nocebo is an exciting phenomenon wherein placebos are not pills treatment, but placebos are for those patients who do not know that they are unreal. Since the human mind believes that the medicines are curative, they serve as a positive effect on the health of the patients. This phenomenon is known as the placebo effect.

The Nocebo effect means the creation of an opposite reaction in the patient’s mind wherein the patient starts feeling that the pills are harmful to the body. Placebo and Nocebo effects are purely psychological.

9. Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is one of the famous therapies for taking control of the mind. Hypnotherapy is based on mind over matter concept which recovers the patient from psychological disorders and specific ailments. The ailments get treated when the mind changes the behavioral aspects. In this way, the hypnotherapy takes control of the body and mind of the patient.

10. Self-motivation

Confidence and self-believe lead to achieving something impossible, and this phenomenon is known as self-motivation. Encouragement of thoughts boosts the capability of attaining something impossible. To realize your goals, it is essential to have faith and believe. When you have faith and belief, the difficulties or circumstances cannot come in between as obstacles.

11. Overcoming pain

overcoming pain

Overcoming pain is one of the mental techniques to heal the patient. Some researches show that we can reduce the chronic pain of the human body with the use of mental power. With concentration and meditation, we can ease the pain of the human body, but this requires the ultimate level of concentration and mind control.

12. Walking over hot coal

Walking over hot coal is also one of the famous examples of mind over matter. Walking over hot coal is also known as firewalking. Studies show that less contact time with hot coals does not cause any pain, and the skin does not burn.

Note: Do not attempt this at home. We have just used this as an example.

I hope this blog was informative. We would love to hear from you, comment down and let us know what mind over matter means to you.

Thanks for reading!

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