7 Types of Rest That You and Your Body Needs Right Now

Last Update on August 30, 2023 : Published on December 26, 2020
Types of Rest That You and Your Body Needs Right Now

When you hear the word “REST” what are the first few things that are likely to cross your mind?

Sleep, taking a break, or a quick nap!

That is obvious as we generally relate rest with sleep. But if you ask a therapist, rest is beyond sleep. In fact, to keep stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory issues, low mood, and other such mental health concerns at bay it is advised that you make these 7 types of rest a part of your life. Interestingly, we all need a particular type of rest from time to time.

The idea of 7 types of rest is inspired by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith in her book “Scared Rest”. She suggests that we and our bodies need these 7 types of rest.

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According to her,

“If you’re waking up (after sleeping) and still exhausted, the issue probably isn’t sleep. It’s likely a rest deficit.”

Her concept of 7 Types of Rest got much recognition during these times of uncertainty where we are in a state of exhaustion and burnout quite often. That is when people realized why we are not recharged despite taking our good night’s sleep- the only type of rest we all knew about!

7 types of rest

Dr. Saundra helped people identify what was missing from their rest regime. To make sure that you give yourself complete rest we are here for help!

So, let us find out what exactly are we missing and which type of rest we require.

The 7 Types of Rest a Person Needs

1. Physical Rest

Physical rest is needed to recharge your body by allowing it to slow down and repair. It is the most common type of rest that our body feels that it needs it. By giving your body physical rest we ensure that we don’t put any extra effort into it and give it much-needed relaxation.

When do you need physical rest?

You will know if you are physically exhausted if you struggle to open your eyes, you have headaches or muscle strains, and your body feels low on energy.

How To Get Physical Rest?

To achieve this particular type of rest you can pick any of the activities that are suggested below:

2. Mental Rest

Considering the lifestyle that we are currently living, we often put unwanted pressure on our brains. That is when we need to recharge our brains and concentrate on our daily life tasks again. It can make one feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed.

When do you need mental rest?

On days when you find it difficult to concentrate even on the most basic tasks, your thoughts turn negative, and judgemental thinking takes over, you need mental rest.

How To Get Mental Rest?

Here are some effective ways to give yourself some mental rest:

3. Emotional Rest

We all carry some emotional baggage with us that makes us feel emotionally exhausted. Through emotional rest, you offload your emotions and make yourself feel lighter.

When do you need emotional rest?

If you have been following low recently, having frequent crying episodes, or feeling a lack of motivation, then you need to take a break from your emotional state. This will save you from going through emotional burnout.

How To Get Emotional Rest?

To practice this particular type of rest, you can engage yourself in the following activities:

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4. Social Rest

Through this type of rest, you restore yourself by connecting with your people, tribe, and social group. It helps us feel connected and makes our bond stronger with those around us. On the contrary, sometimes too much social communication can drain us, that is when disconnecting is required.

When do you need social rest?

When you feel the need to connect with others because loneliness is feeding on you, you need social rest. Often you just want to check on with your social support system and uplift yourself.

How To Get Social Rest?

Social rest can be practiced through different channels. This includes:

  • Reconnecting with a lost friend.
  • Taking a night off from socializing.
  • Take some time out and connect with yourself.

Social Rest

5. Creative Rest

Creative rest is similar to mental rest (but it is not the same). Through creative rest, you allow yourself to see things differently and explore the world around you. Through this particular type of rest, you can find new inspiration in life.

When do you need a creative rest?

When your creative juices stop flowing, and you feel a need to find new inspiration in your life, you need to take a creative rest.

How To Get Creative Rest?

If your body craves this particular type of rest, then you can pick one of these tasks and work on them.

Creative Rest

6. Sensory Rest

More the stimuli in your surroundings; the more load on your senses. It is then when you need to retreat from sensory overload by reconnecting with yourself and your senses.

When do you need sensory rest?

If you have been consuming a lot of receptive input (noises, lights, smells, talks, and pollution) from the sources around you that end up draining you, take sensory rest!

How To Get Sensory Rest?

To give the rest of your senses and revive them with energy, here are the most preferred therapeutic ways to achieve it:

  • Practice a grounding technique.
  • Go for a run or walk and try not to observe anything consciously.
  • Step outside to get some fresh air and ignite your senses.

Sensory Rest

7. Spiritual Rest

Through spiritual rest we feel anchored and realigned with our sense of purpose and harmony in life (Dr. Saundra). It allows us to connect with the greater self by drawing new meaning in our lives.

When do you need spiritual rest?

On days when you feel unanchored and alone that is when you need to give yourself a dose of spiritual rest.

How To Get Spiritual Rest?

Give yourself this particular type of rest by connecting with your greater self through the following ways:

Now go spare a few minutes to listen to your mind, body, and soul; ask them what type of rest they are craving, pick one activity, and soak yourself in it.

Do share with us which type of rest are you to practice today!

P.S.: Remember Rest means Restoration. Give your mind, body, and soul a gift of it!

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